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Social Media Management: What is it?

Updated on June 20, 2011

The Wave of the Future.... Here at your doorstep

As of 2011, there are plenty of statistics out there showing that more than 80% of businesses are looking to get a piece of the social networking pie. All other forms of advertising are pretty much useless. Hardly anyone listens to the radio, and instead have turned to commercial free methods. Most people watch pre-recorded television, internet tv or they watch on their gaming console. So advertising on television is kind of a moot point these days. Newspapers are quickly becoming antiques, billboards are hardly noticeable and nearly all other methods of advertising cost way to much money.

Social media marketing is pretty much the only time and expense effective method of reaching customers and clients. You can target your consumer base easier, build a stronger reputation and get personal. Social media is the future of marketing and sales. It's here, it's then, it's right now.

The social media puzzle

Unlike newspaper ads, television commercials and radio air time - social media can become a complex way of advertising. Yet an still, it certainly isn't rocket science. I feel that it's like a big puzzle. You start at looking at the box (the bigger picture), which gives you some clear goals, then from there you work on setting up your main structure and filling in the rest as you go. You aren't always going to be able to guess which puzzle piece will fit where, or when it will work. Though you know that eventually it will all fit together to bring you a better ROI then any other method.

There are many puzzle pieces to social media management, some of which include but are not limited to: Social media platforms, customer engagement, B2B networking, content creation, relationship building, research, marketing, targeted demographics, campaigning, contest implementation, promotion, online awareness, insight and SEO.

Just like with every puzzle, you'll need to start out with a bigger picture, which isn't always easy for those who haven't spent a bunch of time making mistakes and gaining achievements in the social media world. Unlike your common puzzle, you don't get a box that shows you the picture. You need to take a look at the company goals, then create a plan from there.

If all of this seems just a bit confusing, don't feel alone, this is where many people and businesses struggle to translate social media-ese into something more comprehensible. This is where social media managers come into view as a large asset. They might not be able to directly translate the lingo for you, but they understand what pieces of the puzzle to look for and implement to get you that ROI that you're looking for from social media.

What is a social media manager?

So what is a social media manager anyways?

To put it in the simplest form first - a social media manager is someone who understands how to integrate a business into the social networking world smoothly. This is a big issue, as most businesses jump online and make fools of themselves while attempting to take advantage of the value of social media platforms. A social media manager helps to create online awareness of your company through various methods, which in turn helps to better your brand and bring in more clients and customers.

Basically, a social media manager takes all that complexity and hands it to you in a simple format. They deal with the nitty gritty and the intimate details, to help make sure your time on social media platforms is successful.

Without a social media manager, most businesses find themselves lost in the online worlds. They know where they need to be, they have an idea of who they need to be in contact with, but all the doors still seem to say "access denied". This is why so many businesses try to jump into social networking and fail. Either they feel it's way to easy to "play" or they try to hire a current employee (or two) to get them that access. Both options tend to fail, and this not only makes it more frustrating for businesses, but it sucks up space on social networks and gives a bad image to the company out there just "playing around".

A true social media manager understands that there is a purpose to the play, a method to the madness and specific way to get into the social media gateway. Without that time and experience, it could take you years to achieve the same thing a social media manager can in just months (or even weeks).


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    • bagsofwater profile image

      bagsofwater 6 years ago from USA

      brilliant hub!

    • Carolina QR Codes profile image

      Carolina QR Codes 6 years ago

      I enjoyed this hub, and I could not agree more!

    • manthy profile image

      Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

      You get a up & a awesome for this hub - You are a great & I look forward to reading more of your hubs.