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Social Media Marketing in Singapore

Updated on October 26, 2010
Worldwide Social Media Platforms
Worldwide Social Media Platforms

Social Media and Tribes

With a population of about 5 million, strategically using social media marketing in Singapore to reach the masses may be worth your time to consider.

People just love to connect. People love the real world and they love information. They will place most trust in the things that are recommened by friends. Social Media allow a group of people with similar interests to group together like a tribe. They have something in common to talk about, even it is virtually on-line.

If you are able to identify something which the crowd needs or they can definitely identify with, they will converge and start joining as members or fans of your site or group. A social tribe is quickly formed.  In Singapore though small, if you can feed a tribe of 10,000 with good stuffs, and they become loyal to your brand, this is just one effective channel where business revenue will come from.

Facebook Advertising and Marketing
Facebook Advertising and Marketing

Planning for Social Media Marketing

Social Media is not really straightforward. A well planned strategy can reward you handsomely. A colleague of mine after attending the Social Media Workshop in Singapore tried her hands on facebook advertising and harvested about 5000 fans in just over 2 weeks. Now she has to think what to do with this fan site.

Some strategies need to be put into place. One needs to do a market research on what others especially your competitors are doing on Social Media. Have a feel of what they are doing by observing the activities and incentives they dish out to satisfy those who are following them. Some work and some don't. Check how often they post something on their walls. Are they very visible to the followers.....or do they just appear once in a "blue moon". It is very important to ensure that your business is visible to the fans or followers. Allow the fans to interact with you. Give them a listening ear and seek to first understand them. Not all complaints are out to kill your business. A complaint can be turned into an opportunity if you are creative enough to act on it. Thereby, you create trust and have the fans keep coming back to purchase from your business.

A hands-on activity at the Social Media Workshop, Singapore
A hands-on activity at the Social Media Workshop, Singapore | Source

Social Media Workshop in Singapore

It is best to learn some strategies from those who have been practitioner of such form of New Media marketing. Social Media workshop is fairly new in Singapore. What can one really learn from the gurus? SEO is still fairly new to many business and marketing professionals too. But once the right SEO strategies are implemented, their businesses experience a sudden growth. I have personally witnessed how some participants after attending SEO Workshop in Singapore, plus active implementation of online strategies helped revive their businesses and it to grow. Same can be said for Social Media Marketing (SMM). Picking up some good tips may inspire you with ideas that allow you to maximise online tools.

If you ask me whether it is SEO or SMM which will work better for online initiatives. In my opinion, there needs to be a mix of both strategies to ensure business visibility on the Social Media platforms and also the Search Engine platforms.


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