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Social Media Marketing and Small Business

Updated on December 15, 2013

Control Your Image

The image a business portrays is very important to a community. By monitoring social medias you can stay updated with what is being said about your business and potentially catch and fix bad publicity. You can post business updates while they are happening, post events, or even offer discounts through these social media platforms. This will not only keep customers updated but it will potentially draw them back to your business. By updating people about your business when it happens it helps to prevent rumors before they happen.

Why Social Media

Social media for small businesses is extremely important. Not only does it get your business name out there but it also connects your local community to your business. To keep your local community updated to what is going on with your business is very important because it is those people that are your most important customers. Big businesses do not have to worry about individual communities like small businesses because they are more worried about mass consumers. With social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter you can stay connected with your customers in a minute to minute basis.


Promoting Your Business

Sometimes businesses offer savings or deals to help drive traffic to your business. The only problem with that is if no one knows about the promotion offer then this strategy does not work. By using social media you can get the word out to many people with little to no cost at all. Lets take Facebook promoting for an example. By simply posting about the offer everyone who is tied to your social media pages will be able to view the offer. A lot of businesses actually offer deals if you like and share a post. This method not only attracts your followers but because they like and share the post it will potentially bring in all of their contacts to your business promotion.

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Simple Methods to Optimize Social Media Traffic

-Business cards or fliers
Create an extra set of business cards or fliers for your social media platforms. Whenever someone purchases your services or products give them one.

- Offer discounts for sharing posts
This may sound like a loss but by offering discounts you are not only driving traffic to your business but building your social media following so you are able to reach more prospect customers with your updates.

- Use a traffic optimizer
Some social media platforms will advertise your posts for you for a cost. The good thing about this is that is does generate traffic and you can pay as much or as little as your budget allows. The bad thing about this method is that it can be costly depending on how much traffic you are looking to drive.

Very Informative Video Explaining How to Use Social Media in Business

In conclusion, social media is only getting more powerful as time goes on. Businesses that are using it effectively are seeing a large difference in the interaction and vastness of their customer base. Businesses that are not using social media are missing out on a very important tool that could cost them many customers. The majority of of Americans have a social media profile. This is a large number of people that can be accessed just by using social media to promote your business. Businesses without social media presents are going to get surpassed by the ones that do.


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