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Poken - Social Media and your Business Cards

Updated on June 8, 2010

Poken - The New Social Media Business Card

I came across a post a while back about these brand new techie geek toys called Poken.  I didn't really get what Poken were at first but after reading about what Poken are and what Poken can be used for it really got me thinking and I fell in love with Poken. 

What are Poken?

Poken are Social Media business cards.  Similar to the iPhone Bump application (reviewed briefly in this hub page), when you find someone or meet someone who also has a poken and you want to exchange information with them all you have to do is tap the white hand of your poken against the white hand of the person you want to exchange information with and when the circle in the middle of the hand turns green you have exchanged information.  If the circle turns red you have to try again.  (Ya I know, you have to repoke or keep Poken someone.  Immature but completely funny.) 

I did actually buy a Poken for myself and at first I had a lot of trouble getting to get the circle to turn green when I wanted to exchange information.  What I found out was that you have to hold them together very steady for a second or two other wise it cannot transfer the info properly.  If yours keeps turning red, try holding the two hands together without them sliding or bumping to hard and see if that helps to get it to turn green instead. 

How do I upload my information to my Poken and what can I upload?  Who will be able to access this information? 

Uploading your Poken is simple.  Just take off the white hand and you'll see that its actually a usb drive.  Plug the USB drive into your computer and then you get taken to the Poken website backend where you create your own Poken personal page.  (Don't worry there is no programming or anything involved.  You just upload a picture if you want one and fill out information like your name, screen names, etc... into the fields you want to share). 

Once you are inside the back end of the Poken website you can then start to look through the list of Social Media websites you are a part of.  They have almost every major Social Media website listed so don't worry about yours not being there.  Just look for the site, type in your information and then click save.  Whatever you want to share with people you should fill out.  If there are certain accounts you want to keep private then don't fill out the info and no one will know about them unless you tell them.  Now after you save the info in the account then unplug your Poken from your computer and you are ready to share your information with other people who have Poken. 

The bad thing is you have to share everything you save to your Poken, the good note is that you now don't have to remember peoples screen names, how to spell their names or have to go looking for a pen and paper and also hold on to it all night when you meet someone.  All you have to do is bump your Poken together and you'll be able to save them and store each others information.  What I like most about storing information about meeting people with Poken is that in the Poken backend it not only stores the date you met the person, but also goes by name, picture and social media sites so that you can now more easily remember who you were talking to and their names.  I know this is definitely a pain after a night out with friends when you meet someone or after a tradeshow when you have a million cards to go through and cannot remember who everyone is. 

Who uses Poken?

Poken aren't extremely well known yet however they are picking up popularity fast.  With the help of Celebrities that have their Poken and promote them to their fans and Poken Tweetups and Meetups in different cities and at Tradeshows, these Social Media Business Cards are taking off like crazy.  With both professional designs and japanese animation styled Poken there is a Poken out there for everyone. 

Poken make business cards a thing of the past and after you see them live you will not only want one, but when you see how easy they are to use you'll wonder why anyone would ever pass up on buying or owning their own Poken.  I almost always have my Poken on me so if you ever see me don't be afraid to ask for a poke. 

Poken are a great new tool for business people and for socializing.  I love my Poken and highly recommend them to everyone. 


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