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Social Media to Promote Universities and Colleges

Updated on November 18, 2014

Social media is used to connect with old & new friends, share information, market products & services, and some use it to interfere with other’s affairs, while colleges and universities are using these features of social media sites to reach prospective students. The officials in colleges are learning to communicate online and students no more seek brochures to know about educational institutions.

A brochure is considered to be school propaganda which does not provide the real! Most students trying to get admissions to various courses at the colleges and universities cannot afford to visit the campus to get a genuine view of students’ life on campus and even, the students who get brochures want to visit the university page at social media because it provides reliable and quick info given by the current students of the college. The current students from university or college groups regularly post videos, blogs and feeds on the Facebook page which gives uncensored view of the colleges and the students involved in the process take pride in promoting the educational institutions.

The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth conducted a study which reveals 100% of universities were communicating with students through social media networks. Ninety-eight percent of colleges have Facebook pages and eighty-four percent of schools have Twitter accounts. Today digital media is highly effective means of marketing where students can be invited to view the online content and get information about the universities and colleges in a unique personalized way. Social media offers provisions to view content of institution, its achievements, and expenses and rate the institution, which helps new students to avoid confusions and take the right decision during admissions.

Many universities having social media pages and websites neglect the online resources and do not respond to questions of students which reduces interest of students in such universities. Universities wishing to connect to prospective students should post messages in appropriate style to attract students. The universities which are regularly updating their accounts, posting fresh messages and responding to student’s queries gain popularity online. Students prefer the university which makes them feel comfortable and responds to their queries.


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