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Social Networking or Web 2.0

Updated on February 25, 2008

Some People Need a Rule Book

Social Networking 101... internet marketers need help with socializing! Have you noticed on social networks that marketers seem to lack social skills? The kids who are on MySpace and Facebook for fun are the ones who have the huge friends lists...

and therein lies a clue...

Don't post ads on people's wall or send them ads in their mailbox! LOL...

I have a very dear friend I have never actually met in person. Her name is Cindy Bolley. Cindy and I are both members of APSense and other social networks as well. We are also co-authors of a blog. She wrote a great little piece about social netiquette. Cindy likens social networking to attending a cocktail party. She warns people not to make a fool of themself by dancing on tables. When you go post your blatent ads on someone's wall on FaceBook, THAT is exactly what you are doing.

I spent about 10 minutes today deleting blatent ads from my Wall at Tagged and MySpace. It is a little irritating. Did I put up a profile for internet marketers to use as a personal classified ad page? No! And neither did anybody else.

Internet marketers, take heed. To be successful in a social network, you MUST socialize. Don't go to the community to "harvest" leads. Go and participate and contribute. Read profiles. Send PERSONAL messages, and make friends. Let your new friends to to your profile and check out your offerings there.

Posting ads on Friendship Walls makes you look desparate. Like the fool dancing on tables!


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