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Social Proof Marketing Strategy

Updated on March 16, 2017

Social proof is considered a psychological phenomenon where a lot of people assume others’ actions as supposedly, the correct behaviours. Usually, it happens in ambiguous social situations where individuals are uncertain to identify the right mode of action. They are driven by the assumption that others have more knowledge and experience.

Its effect can also be seen in large groups to make choices which may be either appropriate or inaccurate. Though social proof is a rational motive to consider information, it can encourage a number of people to make quite a rash decision. Hence, it must be done in the right away to achieve your desired results.

As a business owner, you should integrate social proof marketing strategy into your company. Within a short run, you can experience a grand success more than what you expect. Here is the list of social proof examples you can consider:

- Social Proof Facebook

As a start-up proprietor, you can market your products in social media. However, ensure to make contents meaningful and search engine optimized to reach your target market. Most importantly, you have to provide services that meet your customers’ needs and therefore increasing its relevancy. This would boost the ‘likes’ and ‘positive comments’ on your Facebook page. When Facebook users see your business with great feedback, they will be more than inclined to remain committed to your business. For sure, you can achieve high sales, revenues, and Return on Investment.

- Social Proof Reviews

Do you sell a product on Amazon, eBay, and other marketplace platforms? If so, you have come to the right place to achieve your goal. When you are able to offer something tailored to cater your diverse clients’ needs, they can provide positive reviews.

If your business is generating healthy reviews online, you can encourage others to try your services easily. Thus, social proof reviews can give you many opportunities to succeed in your relevant industry.

- Authority Rules

Influencers are highly sought after by sponsors of brands because they have this incredible ability in convincing their followers about their styles. The halo effect is created from the overall impression formed on the influencers – which interestingly causes our mind to form a cognitive bias when these influencers are forming opinions.

Therefore, given the established reputation possessed by these influencers, any new product or service that they are introducing would be perceived in a better light by their followers. This explains why testimonial from an influential person is highly effective in boosting your social proof.

- Badges

These social proof examples in the real world go by a range of names such badges, certifications, and seals. At the end of the day, you will recognize the effectiveness of social proof in establishing your credibility or reputation as a whole.

When you are familiar with the, it displays an array of badges that demonstrate an excellence award, BBB accreditation, and website security. These are just some of badges you can use to bring up your credibility among prospective clients.

With the power of social proofing, you can become successful in your field for sure. Our brain is stimulated to remember detailed stories, especially the positive ones, more than just a mere 5-star reviews without stories to back it up. This is because positive anecdotes create a more trusting impression and are definitely more persuasive. Hence, apart from the avenues of social proofing listed, for social proofing to form an indelible mark on your brand, it has to consist of authentic stories.


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