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Society's Pressure Can Lead to Depression and Anxiety

Updated on October 8, 2012

Peer Pressure is something that kids in middle and high school have to deal with. You think it will end but as time goes on you realize it won't. If you get sucked in to society's standards you might find yourself in trouble.

Society is always putting restrictions on people. If you don't do what other people do or have what other people have then you are an outside. By the time you graduate from high school you need to have your first boyfriend/girlfriend. In college you have to drink and have sex. When You are 25 you need to be in a serious relationship and have a high paying job. When you are 30 you need to be married and have a family.

Society will question you and make you feel like you are nothing. Don't listen to them. There is nothing wrong with being single at 25, it just means you are not settling. No one has a high paying job at 25 either. With the bad economy people are getting entry level jobs later in life. The people who have that are just lucky. Don't ever feel like you are alone in the world becacuse you are not doing what others are doing. Be your own person and remember that everything happens to people at different times. Some take longer than others to find that speical someone. If you don't have it, it doesen't mean that it won't happen. You never know when you find the love of your life but it will happen. So don't lose faith, keep believing and be the best person you could be.


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