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Software Testing Jobs

Updated on August 16, 2012

Software Testing Jobs – A Fun Job

Software testing jobs are probably the easiest job available in the market nowadays.  It only requires sitting in front of the computer for long hours and basically testing software.  For a growing company, this position is incorporated with IT guys.  However, for bigger companies they have personnel whose lookout is just to do software testing.

Software is an ever changing dynamic.  From time to time, developers and computer wizards have come up with different programs and software to make life easier.  There are a lot of software programs in the market that will accommodate your needs.  For instance, you are starting a business and you do not have enough funds yet to hire for an accountant, you can look for accounting software programs online.  Games are software programs too and there are a lot of game developers that come up with different graphics and designs to create a trend.

Software is comparable to a medicine in the medical world.  It is a solution if you have problems with regard to computers and programs.  Like the medicine, it needs to be tested before it is launched into the public.  What software testing tools can do is to check on if there are possible flaws when the software is already running.  Usually, it is the author that does the test for the products.  But, with the growing numbers, the authors can then passed the software testingto a person with similar knowledge about software testing jobs.

How does it work?

In a typical setting, the tester sits in front of a computer and monitor its trend and for possible bugs along the way.  If the need to go home or go to a certain office, you can access remotely the monitor.  The tester has to monitor the functionality of the software especially since software differs when it is run in a controlled environment as opposed to letting it loose in the public.  The software needs to be tested with other programs and operating systems for compatibility as well.  The most important task in this job is generating a report and providing all the detail when the software stops and if there has been error message that was received.

Software testing jobs in United Kingdom is very popular. If you are setting your sights in finding a software testing job there, make sure that you know your craft. If ask about the job description, instead of using jargons, use words that are simpler and easier to understand. The important thing is to make sure that you fit your qualifications with the category of suitable testing professionals. Your task does not end when you see a bug. You have to create a program on how to resolve that loophole.

Compensation about software testing jobsis competitive too. However, those who are in the business can testify that it not so much as the monetary value that matters. Compensation is provided in different ways. It comes handy in free copies of the software, free copy of the latest games and even gift certificates from the clients as well as other incentives.


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    • BeatsMe profile image

      BeatsMe 7 years ago

      Looks like a fun job.

    • toyboyclip profile image

      toyboyclip 7 years ago from India

      How much money they earn..?