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Solids Control Companies

Updated on January 16, 2015

Solids Control Companies

On the following page is a revised list of solids control companies in the drilling industry. Many of the companies that are included on this list are now in need of new employees. If you would like to get started in a growing field with plenty of oil rig jobs to go around, then it is time to look for new career opportunities by referencing the page below. (Disclaimer: The solids control companies that appear below have no affiliation with the administrator of this site. To add your company to this alphabetical listing, post a comment at the bottom of the page. Comments will be moderated and closely reviewed before any updates are made to this hub.)

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-Solids Control Companies (In Alphabetical Order)-

Advanced Solids Control

Advanced Solids Control is known for having one of the most efficient closed loop systems around. In truth, their closed loop technology lets them offer some of the finest solids control services now available. And since they have completed over 100 wells for eight different companies in Texas and New Mexico, ASC is on its way toward becoming a key player in the field. To learn more about them, try visiting their website here or call their Texas headquarters at (361) 299-6388.

Aker Solutions

Aker offers solids control equipment that is among the best in the field. To achieve their high levels of efficiency, they focus on using both proven and innovative designs. Although they are identified as a Norwegian based company, they employ over 23,000 all around the world. To start exploring career options with Aker Solutions, check out their careers webpage at or give them a call at (713) 685-5770.

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes has been in the drilling services sector for over 100 years. By committing to excellence and staying innovative, they have become a top solids control company in the industry. The quality of their equipment and the expertise of their employees makes them a top choice for any drilling operation. Find out how to apply for jobs with Baker Hughes by going to or by calling their headquarters at (713) 439-8600.

Derrick Equipment

Derrick Equipment has redefined the standard of excellence in the field. Since they began over 4 decades ago, they have managed to stay on the cutting-edge of solids control design. By focusing on research and development, they have also been a key part of many advances in today’s solids control technology. Learn more about Derrick Equipment by visiting or by calling their Houston headquarters at (800) 873-3002.

Desert Environmental and Equipment Company

DEECO is based in the city of Ridgecrest located in central California. They provide solids control equipment to a wide variety of companies operating in today’s fast paced drilling services sector. While they specialize in mud processing equipment, they also contract custom fabrications on request. For more information about DEECO’s products and services, go to their website at or call them at (760) 446-1617.

Drilling Fluid Equipment

DFE has been active in the industry for over 23 years. Operating out of the South Pacific, they have built a reputation as a top equipment supplier in the region. They are also known for designing a variety of customized systems that have allowed clients to drill in the most demanding drilling locations. To learn more about where they operate, go to their website at or call them at their New Zealand office at +64 6 7552206.

Fluid Systems

Established in 1979, Fluid Systems has a reputation of excellence in the field. Although they began designing traditional solids control equipment, they now produce new technologies for use all around the world. Their specialty “Zero Discharge” systems can even reduce the number of reserve pits needed when drilling. Find out more about Fluid Systems by clicking on this link or by calling them at (832) 467-9898.

GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control is the only API certified manufacturer in China. Their products have been used in over 60 different countries and have performed exceptionally, even in extreme conditions. They also hold a number of new patents on technology that they developed for field. To find out more about what they offer, contact them through their website at or call them at 86-315-7062282.


As a top provider of drilling services, Halliburton is always working to expand their solids control division. In fact, after they acquired Baroid, Halliburton developed several new strategies for designing custom solids control systems. With company management anticipating a surge of growth in the sector, it is an excellent time to consider a career in the field. Learn more about careers with Halliburton by going to their website at or by calling their Houston headquarters at (281) 575-3000.


Kemtron was founded in 1990 by a small group of experienced specialists. By 1994 Kemtrom had quickly grown into one of the most advanced solids control companies in the industry. In fact, they were the first company to receive ISO 9001 certification for both dewatering and solids control equipment. To explore job opportunities with Kemtron visit their website at or contact their Houston office at (281) 261-5778.


As a subsidiary of Schlumberger, MI-Swaco has become a leading provider of solids control solutions. Their strategy is to offer a line of high performance equipment so that clients save valuable time and resources. By addressing the specific needs of each project, they also maintain a large list of repeat customers. Contact them for career information by going to or by calling (713) 739-0222.

National Oilwell Varco

NOV has been around since 1841, making it one of the oldest companies in the industry. Their solids control branch offers a variety of different systems to manage solids efficiently while drilling. They have the expertise to meet each client’s needs and with their experience they can prove it. If you would like to learn more about career openings with NOV, start by checking their webpage at or call them toll free at (888) 262-8645.

Petroleum Solids Control

PSC has supplied the drilling industry with top notch services for over 50 years. Since their inception, they have become the largest provider of solids control equipment located on the west coast. They have accomplished this by keeping the highest standards for customer service in the region. To contact them, go to their website at or call their California office at (562) 424-0254.


Poly-Drill designs and supplies the next generation of solids control equipment. They set themselves apart from competitors by providing experienced professionals for on-site support. Although they are based out of Canada, they have one of the largest distribution networks currently operating in North America. Contact them through their website by going to or give them a call at (705) 235-2169.

Solids Control Services

SCS provides a proven line of equipment for use in the drilling industry. They also offer a number of high value services to help meet today’s waste management regulations. In fact, all of their equipment is ATEX compliant and is ready to use in Zone 1 areas. With such high field ratings, their solids control systems can be used at locations found all around the world. To learn more about SCS’s products and how they can be applied in the field, try visiting their website at or call them at +44 (0)1224 249220.

Stallion Oilfield Services

Stallion rents out equipment and provides on-site support for clients all across the nation. For solids control they make use of closed loop mud systems which are more efficient than many other waste management options. With their expert staff they have effectively become one of the top well-site service companies in the industry. For career information, go to or call their Houston, Texas office at (713) 528-5544.


With their recent acquisition of several key companies, Tervita has become a major part of Canada’s energy services sector. In their solids control division, the introduction of Closed Loop technology has also led to more efficient waste management systems. When combining these two factors, it should be easy to see that Tervita has what it takes to meet each client’s needs. Read more about careers with Tervita by going to or by calling their Houston office at (832) 399-4599.

Tibban MFG

Tibban MFG launched over 21 years ago with the ambition to produce top quality solids control equipment. Now, they are well known for their innovative MudPuppy systems which efficiently clean and recycle drilling fluid. With over six different types of MudPuppy designs, Tibban offers a range of products to use in the field. Contact them and find out more by visiting this link or call them at (760) 961-1160.


In addition to their expanding drilling division, Weatherford offers a wide range of solids control services. And since they are respected in the industry, they are a top choice among today’s service providers. In fact, they can manage everything from the design of new systems to the repair of existing field units. Find out more about solids control with Weatherford by going to or by calling (713) 693-4000.

Zimmerman Equipment

ZECO was originally founded in 1991. Since their creation, they have provided first class services while handling each customer’s unique needs in the field. With a vast equipment inventory and expertly trained technicians, ZECO also offers onsite support for customer convenience. Get in contact with them by checking out their website at or by calling their Vernal, Utah office at (435) 781-0454.

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Solids Control Companies in Texas
Solids Control Companies in Texas


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