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Solve Your Financial Problems Now

Updated on July 23, 2012

Common Financial Woes

All over the USA & Australia, the talk about town consists of a few major subjects:

1.) Unemployment
2.) Rising Health Care Costs
3.) Additional taxes - carbon tax in Australia & Obama Tax in USA
4.) Rising Gas Prices
5.) Rising Utility Prices
6.) Mortgage stress

I could continue this list, but I think you get the point.

I hear all of this chatter about how bad all of these things are. How the government should do this or that. How gas companies are out of control. How everybody should be looking out for the little guy.

However, it is very silent on one very important subject.

That is…what is the solution from the consumer’s point of view?

What will you do to solve these problems? Now, I am using “you” in the rest of the article as a reference to the consumer , not necessarily you, the reader.

I remember my first budget crisis when I was a young person just out of college. My dad told me how to fix it. He had me list what money was coming in and what money was going out. Then he said the solution is easy. You either increase your income or decrease your expenses, or both.

His next advice only floored me later in life. He said that because you have a job, you cannot increase your income, so you will have to focus on lowering your expenses.

This is undoubtedly the advice 95% of people get when it comes to finances. Unfortunately, what you focus on expands, according to the Law of Attraction. So, with most people, their expenses expand when focused upon and all they end up doing is wallowing in the expenses. Thus, they never focus on increasing their income.

Money Solutions

Fast forward 30 years, my advice to anyone in financial crisis is easy:

1.) Eliminate lavish expenses
2.) Focus on increasing your income

Very simple advice. The focus is on income. You may say, but I cannot get a raise! I say, make your own raise. Two ideas:

1.) Create more value for your employer, then ask for a pay raise based on your value added.

2.) Create more money outside of your job

Here are just a few ideas that you can use:

1.) Use Facebook to make money. You spend hours on there anyway, you may as well monetize it. You can become an affiliate for many products on click bank and recommend them on your Facebook page and get paid for referrals.

2.) If you do not want to go it alone, find people who want to place recommendations on your facebook page and split the profits.

3.) Sell things on Ebay. Every house has junk in it. Most people start out on Ebay selling their excess belongings in order to get familiar with the site. After that, there are many items you can sell on Ebay. A local electronics store just went out of business last week. I picked up 3 mp3 players dirt cheap. I will sell them on Ebay.

4.) Twitter - Just as with Facebook, people spend time on it. I have a twitter following of over 22,000 people. There are thousands of products available on click bank to promote. Just grab the link and tweet it.

5.) Sell Ad Space - There are many ways on the internet to get paid for ads. One new one for me is Adfly. Because I share links for affiliate products, this one is perfect. The links are really long and need to be shortened. When you shorten with adfly, a small banner ad appears above your target link and you get paid. Right now, I am getting about 100 clicks a day on my twitter ads (that is small time!) so, I can accumulate money everyday.

6.) Hub pages - Yes! You can make money several different ways with writing hubs. You have ad sense, eBay, amazon, and hub pages itself. Find things you like to write about and go to town.

Now, all of these suggestions will not make you a millionaire overnight. I did, however, learn that you should dig your well before you get thirsty! I speak to so many people that have no backup plan in place. While you have your steady income from a job, start implementing these strategies now and accumulate money. There’s nothing productive on TV anyway, so why not take care of your finances while you can.

If you want any further assistance, just email me at I am happy to help anybody!

Make it a prosperous day!



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