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Some Caveats of Internet Marketing

Updated on August 14, 2013

Avoid these internet marketing pitfalls

Many people who undertake internet marketing fail; yet many others try, undaunted. Such is the attraction of internet marketing to people. But experts ---successful internet marketers, that is - say as much as 95% of those who enter the internet marketing venture fold up, lose much more than their pitiful incomes or do not make anything at all. And such is the magnitude of risk and failure in internet marketing .That is one reason there are ‘gurus’, ‘mentors’, ‘guides’ and ‘experts’ who offer their services to newbie marketers.

Internet marketing is so easy to enter: all you need is a computer with an online connection and an idea where to begin, which is basically searching online for something attractive to you. But it is a venue where you can easily lose your shirt if you do wrong, and many do.

That being said, here are some caveats you must look out for if you are entering the exciting but very risky world of internet marketing.

Just an electronic brochure. The Internet is more than simply an advertising medium for your items. It is a total marketplace and must be treated so.

Plan your marketing. You just cannot start and forget, or begin working out a strategy, then drop it and start another just because you found a ‘better’ method of making money. Internet marketing, as in the conventional way, needs a lot of work, strategizing, and plan implementation.

Overambition. Do not be carried by the hype other marketers say about earning millions in a month: it does not happen, even rarely. What they state as income for a certain time frame is often an aberrant peaking, an isolated instance that cannot be taken as average.

Wrong niche. A niche might have few competitors, but the market scope will correspondingly be smaller. If you apply the same percentage sales against market universe, the income will proportionately be small as well. So find your right niche to do better than average.

Money before service. Many marketers compute their potential income before delivering the service needed to produce that income then wonder why they don’t earn as much as expected.

Taking all in hand. You must learn to outsource jobs you cannot do or at pains doing yourself. There is a world out there of experts and service providers in every field of internet marketing; you just have to find those who charge the lowest cost for optimum service.

Non-promotion of site. After you build your site, you need to inform the world about it. There are about 750 million websites existing today, so if you do not get your website indexed by the search engines and ranked high at the results page, it will not bring you the income you desire.

Internet marketing is not easy work, but if you do it right the rewards are substantial indeed. If you fail, it will be a tragedy. So if you truly want to enter into this, study it very carefully and learn the fundamentals beforehand.

Otherwise, get a mentor who will not charge you an arm and a leg to help.


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