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Some Legit Ways To Earn Money Online

Updated on March 25, 2014

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees!

Money, and more money! that is the only thing which seems to be appearing on the mind of people right now. We all know, that money does not grow on trees, and to earn some extra money, you need to put in extra effort too!

If you are serious about making money online, then you should also be serious about doing some hard work, and not waste your time on surfing the internet just for fun. First of all, take of the dream of being a millionaire over the internet.

You can never succeed if you don't have patience and determination! if you are serious about getting a stable income through the internet, then you must have already been stumbled upon a few "systems" which promised to make you rich quick, but they never are legit.

Imagine for yourself, if anybody could be earning in five figures a month, with just investing less than $50, why would people be cleaning the toilets for a living? so now that you have understood that making money online is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and are ready to accept that, lets move on.

Target | Source
How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My Blog
How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My Blog

You can buy this book from Amazon if you want to make blogging your main income source.


NOTE: Even if your country doesn't support Paypal, you can still create an account with Payza or Skrill/Moneybookers but there is less chance of legitimate companies paying through them.

The Real Way!

Some of you might already know, that you can earn quite a stable income from the internet without investing a thing. Also, if you are not fluent in English, and are under 18 years of age, you should probably improve your grammar and wait until you are 18, so you can make accounts at some of the important places needed to earn money online!

Now, here are a few things you will need to receive the money you have made online! you don't want to look like a fool at the time of cashing out, so make sure you have these things on board!

No.1 : A Paypal Account (Paypal will be used for cashing out the money you have generated)

No.2 : A Bank Account ( You will need this to verify your Paypal account with! also, to transfer your earnings in your Bank account from Paypal so you can use it!)

No.3 : Be in a country where Paypal is accepted (Paypal supports 191+ countries, but if you are not among those, you are in trouble, because most legit companies pays only with Paypal)

Now that you have ticked of all the things above, we can continue

Here are a few legitimate methods of earning real money online! you will not get rich instantly, or get rich at all! but at least a stable income will be secured every month for you, and if you are a university or a college student, who has no job, then these methods can provide you with your primary income! here are the ways below!

1. Blogging

If you are familiar with ad sense, a service from Google, which allows you to display advertisements on your website and earn revenue for you, then most probably you already knew about blogging.

You must be thinking that how is it possible to make money out of blogging, people blog for fun right? well, they do blog for fun, but most of them are earning hefty revenue every month from their blog! they write what they love, and they earn real money for it from the revenue generated.

If you are thinking, that making a blog would cost a little bit or a lot of money, then you are wrong! creating a blog is absolutely free! you don't need to provide your credit cards number, nor need to verify your payment method, because it is absolutely free.

How to make a blog? well, there are many online companies, with whom you can make a blog, but not all of those blogs can earn you money! some require a fee annually, some do monthly and some have one time fees! but, there is a blog service provided by Google, which gives you an opportunity to create a free blog, and earn money from it! all you have to do is, go to Blogger and log-in with your g-mail account and create a blog!

Now, the main question is, how to earn money from your blog? for this, you need to be patient! first of all, find a good name for your blog, and always write unique posts in it. You should not copy anything from the internet, because this is against Google ad-sense's terms, and they will not pay you if they detected any plagiarism/duplicated content on your blog.

After you have created a free blog, with a good catchy name, now you should move on to writing content in it! post as much as you can, and you should do it continuously for at least one month. Now, if you are receiving somewhere between 1,000 - 1,500 views every week, you should apply for Google ad-sense by going to your blog's dashboard and press on the tab "apply for adsense" or something similar.

Now that you have applied for ad-sense, you should be approved soon if your blog meets the requirements. Once you are approved fro ad-sense, your blog should be making at least $100 a month. Sure, $100 is low, but it grows unexpectedly and some people are making thousands through there blogs!

You can also buy a personal domain name for your blog from a company like easyDNS and then you can attach that domain to your blog. It is unnecessary, but it will surely increase the monthly visitors for your blog and also give you a personal identity. You can also optimize the SEO of blog, by going into the settings, but be careful with that, because you may end up getting your blog completely out of any search engine, so use with caution!

2. Freelancing

If you are already deep in the earnings world, you must be already familiar with freelancing! freelancing is a thing, which pretty much everybody can do. Real people like you will post projects of websites like oDesk and Elance, and real people like you could accept those projects and earn money once completed.

You can get various types of projects on any freelancing websites, but I would recommend using freelancing as your primary income, only if you have some skills like web designing, Photoshop editing, and graphic designing, you can earn thousands of dollars a month with freelancing. You will be more successful in freelancing if you take it seriously, because earning thousands with it is no problem, and it can really well become your main income source if you have good skills in a good field online.

3. Become An Online Teacher

You might think at first that how can you become a teacher online? well, you don't need to have a specific degree for becoming a teacher online. There are many websites, which you can join and teach some kids or even college students thorough video calls online.

Teaching online has became a popular trend nowadays, people are earning thousands every month from teaching online, and if you are a friendly person who can teach without putting stress on your students, the number of students you have will continuously grow and you will reach a stage where people would taking appointments to hire you. Yes, becoming a teacher online might very well become the best method of earning online. And the best part of it is, that you are a self-made teacher and there is no principal to spy on you.

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Stay Tuned

I will finish this list here with 3 methods on board. I will certainly write another list as my search expands. Thank you for reading ladies and gentlemen, hoping to see you all next time. Goodbye.


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