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Some Notes For Advertising / Webpage Development

Updated on March 30, 2011


1. Easy developing of webpages/websites info and procedures through WYSISWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) HTML editors may be read in the hub "Webpage Partitioning     with WYSISWYG HTML Editor for Newbies" ( ).

2. 'KompoZer' and 'Nvu' are popular WYSISWYG HTML editors that may be searched and downloaded free from the internet ('KompoZer' is a new version of 'Nvu').

The keywords "free HTML editor WYSISWYG" may also be used on search engine boxes to search for similar editors.

3. A webpage may be developed offline through those editors and the HTML codes uploaded (or the HTML codes updated to an online file) at the server of a hosting company.

If the webpage does not previously exist at the hosting server, a blank page may be created first at the server which can be updated with HTML codes from the offline editor.

4. Generally only HTML code bodies may exactly be the same between webpage codes at an offline editor and those on a hosting company's editor. Other code sections could have some differences that may need slight online changes specific for effects needed.

Webpage Development by 'KompoZer' editor

5. The underlying HTML or source code of webpages displayed by browsers may be viewed/studied through the general steps outlined below. The steps are representative of 3 popular browsers and may differ on different versions.

- For Internet Explorer and Opera, select at the Main Menu “View” then “Source”. A window will display the HTML source code of the page.

- For Firefox, select at the Main Menu “View” then “Page Source”. A window will display the HTML source code of the page.

6. Some affiliate companies may provide members with free hosting of flashpages in addition to any other main line of business.

These arrangements have advantage in that advertisers would not need to have, nor to setup, their own domain names. The link have this kind of free service for members.

Advertising may be on single page flashpages (or adboards, etc.), which can be easily developed/modified online or offline throUgh WYSISWYG HTML editors.

7. Webpage developments by Nvu and by editors are pictured below for comparison (respectively offline and online WYSISWYG HTML editors).

The editor has 3 navigation tabs in its lower portion that have the same functions as that of Nvu. The navigation tabs are for: (1) screen WYSISWYG developing (2) HTML source editing (3) displaying the webpage. (Nvu has another extra tab for displaying the HTML tags)

Webpage Developments through Nvu editor and

Development through Nvu editor                                           .
Development through Nvu editor .
Development through
Development through

8. Webpages may be enhanced with appropriate images and/or add-ons available from certain online companies.

clickable images like banners, buttons, (etc.), including fonts, clip arts, images for header/footer (etc.) may be be availed by members at this company (HTML codes for enhancements are available that may be pasted to a webpage):

9. Webpage IFrames, an advertising technique of some affiliate companies, may not be acceptable at some advertising venues (ie.- some traffic exchanges).

To check if a webpage has IFrame, display the source code using procedures given in note #5. Use the screen top menu to search for IFrame as follows:

- For Internet Explorer and Opera, select “Edit” then “Find” (a dialog screen with search box is opened ). Use the search box to find “IFrame” if existing in the source.

- For Firefox, select “Edit” then “Find” (a bar with search box is displayed at the screen's footer ). Use the search box to find “IFrame” if existing in the source.

10. All webpages for the above have data display partitions created by 'Table' utility at the WYSISWYG HTML editor 'KompoZer'.


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    • t08c15 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Lgali, thanks for reading and the visit.

    • Lgali profile image


      9 years ago

      very good info thanks

    • t08c15 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thanks, Jery

      Actually the original was a little bit too long so I cropped it.

      I'll see what can be salvage from the original.

    • Jery profile image


      9 years ago from Kennewick WA USA

      Hey t08c15,

      I'm the first to comment-I like that! Anyway very nice first hub! I think you have some tech skills and knowhow? Keep the tech hubs coming as I'm somewhat technically chalenged, and I appeciate the how-tos.Hope you have a good one, talk again soon.


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