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Google AdSense Tips to Get More Earnings

Updated on March 16, 2013

These days Google AdSense has become most popular and decent way of making money in the Internet. With its thousands of successful publishers and satisfied advertisers it can be assumed as No.1 pay per click program of the internet world. Though many publishers are making large amount of money some of them are struggling even to get their first payment as they can earn only a few cents a day. To succeed in AdSense program every publisher need to learn many ideas and secrets either by self experiences or guidelines.

And this is my pleasure to share my Google AdSense experiences with all of you here. I am confidently saying that is the place where I started my online career. Fortunately when I came across this great site, I was attracted by its special features including fan clubs and many affiliate programs. Here I started to publish hubs on varied topics. Even then I have joined in hubpages, I hardly found some earnings in my adsense account. After the violent search online, I got some useful tips which helped me to earn some money.

It's true that everyone want to get more traffic for their sites and blogs as it will help to get more Adsense earning. The more the traffic for the site the more earnings can be made. Let us see some useful tips which will be helpful to get more earning through AdSense program.

Commenting on others blogs and hubs

This is indeed an easy way of getting traffic for our sites. When we leave quality comments on various articles published in different writing communities like; and, our every comment will be indexed by the search engines. There will be a good chance to get free traffic as we can get backlinks for our urls. But, one important thing is that our site and the site where we submit comments should have same discussion.

You Can Write on Various Niches

Writing on different niches will largely help to get good traffic for our site. Moreover this habit of writing will help us to get more targeted ads and we can make pretty good money in adsense. Online jobs, Google Adsense, Health, Medicines, Forex, Internet, Education, Computer, Business, Digital Photography, Study loans, Car Insurance and Traveling are some great niches to make more money.

Quality of Content is Important

This is very important factor which determines your AdSense earnings. Every content of your hub or blog should be original and contain at least 400 words without any spelling errors. Your selected title should be informative and simply tell what you are going to discuss about. Sub-title is also desirable for your every article. And it is also important that you need to maintain a touch with the title from the beginning to the end of every article (i.e.) you should not divert your content from the title. You need to post only relevant images to your article. It's advisable to avoid porn and glamour images.

Tags are very Important to get Traffic

We every one know well that tags are group of keywords used by the search engines to index sites in the Internet. We can save at least 10 or 15 tags for our every published article. When we add relevant tags for our every article, it will help search engine to quickly index our site and there will be a great chance to get desirable traffic.

Optimization of Google Ad units

If you are a blogger or a site owner, you can manage every Google AdSense unit that you have posted in your sites. Google expects optimization of your every ad unit so that you can get higher page rank and good traffic for your site. The most popular Google ad formats are Vertical Wide Banner, Large Rectangle and Leader Board.

The optimization of ad units means making them good fit for our sites by editing and customizing the colors. Every ad unit should be edited as it looks as a part of the blog or site. For this you need to use the same color for the ad unit border, ad unit back ground and the site content back ground. The color of ad title should be brighter and match with at least any one of the colors of your template. Three different colors can be selected for ad title, ad text and url. Google also expects the use of different ad formats.

Sharing Your Writings with Social Bookmarking Sites

To get additional traffic for your sites you can share all them with the social bookmarking sites like Digg. Every submission of your writing in those sites will be crawled by search engines and can get additional traffic by means of backlinks. Here below are some of the social bookmarking sites.

You can Earn Extra Money on AdSense Submitting your Blogs in FeedBurner

Google has already started to allow its publishers to make money by monetizing their blog feeds. We can find this feature called 'AdSense for Feeds' when we click the tab 'Adsense setup' in our AdSense account. To use this feature we need to visit the site FeedBurner and sign in using our Google Account. After signing in we need to enter the url of our blog in the relevant box and click next. After few steps of process we can get feed for our blog. We can also optimize the same, clicking the 'optimize' link found there, with other sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, FaceBook, Mixx and so on. In addition we have many features to publicize the feed. To get Google ad unit in your feed you need to click the tab 'monetize' and then immediately go to your Google Account clicking 'sign in Google Adsense' found there. You again click the tab 'AdSense set up' and then'AdSense for Feeds' to customize the ad unit. After customizing the ad unit click 'save'. You can find your adsense unit in your feed only after 10 minutes. This could be really the smart way of making money on AdSense using our already existing blogs.

Google loves only Neat and Beautiful Blog Templates

There are many beautiful, colorful and attractive blog templates to choose from the Internet. We can find here numerous sites provided with lovely templates. But, one important thing is that those templates should have an elegant appearance with out any errors. Whenever we have neat and beautiful AdSense templates for our sites, there is no doubt about good rise in the traffic. We can get free beautiful templates from itself.

If you want to choose the template from your blogger account, you will be able to get it within a few seconds. In case you want to change the existing template, it can be done by completely replacing all the html codes in the Edit Html part, in the lay out, by the html codes that you get for the selected template from other sources.

High Paying Google Keywords Help to Earn More in AdSense

It's nature that we everyone want to make good money from every single click made on our different sites. To earn more money from the clicks we need to get the ads which pay more money for every click. High paying keywords are the ones which are used by the advertisers to promote their products. They get these keywords from Google AdSense itself. If we use these high paying keywords in the content of our site, we can get the Google Ads paying more money for every click. You can get many high paying keywords using. Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Here you can use both URL and phrases to get keyword ideas.

Please Be Patient and Confident till you get Favorable Results

Of course it is true that you can not get immediate results for all of your efforts that you have put on AdSense. Normally it'll take one or two months to see improvement in your earnings if you have tried something for AdSense.


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    Very helpful and informative.

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    nyc hub bro!

    Make Money From Your Blog -5 Easy Steps:

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    Nice tips and nice reminders for getting the most out of Adsense.

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    Here are some more tips that may help you Increase your Adsense Earnings:

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    I wondered the keyword which pays $500 for a click ?!

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    Some very useful tips, thank you for sharing.

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    Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

    I find that writing good interesting and well researched content is one of the best ways to get traffic because your readers do all the networking for you digging or stumbling upon your posts.

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