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Sound Advice For Wannabe Internet Writers

Updated on October 28, 2015

Where The "Ef-word" Did All You Writers Come From ?

Sound Advice For Wannabe Writers

Where the ef-word did all of you “writers” come from. It used to be that finding work on the Internet was fairly easy. Admittedly that was 7 or 8 years ago when I first broke into the market.

Since then, it seems that every man, woman and teen who ever scored a B- on one of their 8th grade essays has found a roosting place among the more serious contributors to the profession. Many of them are the “authors” who are easy to spot on the forums because of their horrible grammar and obvious lack of writing skills. They fill their time waiting for the big break, the super client and perusing job opportunities while writing for less than a penny a word for content mills.

In real life, they linger for a few months or even a couple of years, then leave because they finally discover that writing is hard work and secondly,the well paying writing opportunities are doled out to the more experienced professionals.Those wannabees have driven down the price offered to writers on the Internet.

For the most part, my rantings apply primarily to a portion of the content industry. Standards are higher than ever and articles once considered acceptable no longer are. Experience and college backgrounds are required by more brokers and web sites. Those who qualify need not only to be proficient writers,They are also expected to know and understand the intricacies of the trade: SEO optimization, keywords, and how to work with Google's algorithm circus.

Any wannabe writer who sets out into the job market and is under the illusion that he can make a good living as a content writer without having a serious commitment and real dedication is in for a rude awakening. So what’s my story, you might ask. A fair question, but I consider myself somewhat unique in that i have completed a long standing regular career after almost 40 years to begin a new one: writing at age 70.

I began writing only after retiring from a non related industry. During my 7 or 8 years at the computer keyboard, I wrote several thousand articles and blog entries.. I learned the ins and out of the profession and had a good time in the process. I have manages to earn a moderate amount of dollars every year, which coincides with my expectations at my age.Fortunately my early educarion gave me a solid base for writing,

Getting back to my original rant. You newbies may never make a decent living by writing unless you understand the principals and get the advanced training i have referred to. Until then, Don’t believe the crap you read about freelancing on the web. Very few of you will end up making a real comfortable living, unless you are prepared to live at home with your parents and shop at the thrift stores and subsist on a semi steady diet of beans and riceTo suceed you will need to specialize your skills and absorb the constant changes that the Internet brings. Some will do better at a fast food joint flipping burgers now that a $15/hour wage is being proposed.

At age 75 ½, I admit i am slowing down but not so much because of my age, it's becauseso many of you “ F word’ new writers have jumped in making the competition for Internet writers tougher every year. Isn’t it time you youngsters retired so this old timer doesn’t have to scratch around for every assignment. Give me a break guys and gals. Go find something else to do.


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