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Spark Your Enthusiasm, It Sells!

Updated on October 26, 2014

Enthusiasm gives excitement to your products and services. Yes, it's important to develop an effective presentation, but it's also important to have a passionate delivery that keeps your customers attention. Regardless of your background or personality, you can cultivate the quality of being enthusiastic.

Why is it, then, that some lack energy when speaking? It's not enough just to prepare what you're going to say. Gestures, voice reflection and facial expressions show your client the confidence that you have in the products and services you sell. You have to share your connection of the products and services with your client.

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Think About Your Customer's Needs.
As your preparing a presentation, you should not only gather beneficial information, but analyze why your customer needs to understand that information and how it affects his bottom line and helps their business grow.

You don't need new products every week to sell. Study your presentation until you have points of discussion that you're excited about. Approach your customer in a fresh and exciting new way.

You've Heard That Being Enthusiastic Is Contagious.
Concentrate on good eye contact with your energy, and your customer will feel the excitement. Enthusiasm should be appropriate the presentation. Don't carry your energy so high that your customer ends up exhausted. On the other hand, some selling points call for a more robust delivery.

Remember that your enthusiasm holds the interest of your customer and moves them to action. If you're enthusiastic, your client will also.


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    • Realystik profile image

      Realystik 3 years ago

      Great article. Remaining enthusiastic about your business and long term goals are absolutely essential in becoming successful.