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Speaking Billboard: A conveincing class project at new advertisements choices

Updated on December 11, 2014

Speaker's notes ( script for Speaking Billboards)

I am coming to live tonight from this digital speaking billboard to address some important issues about advertising to the public. While many companies spend millions of dollars to produce expense campaigns to target specific audiences. There is only system to use to approach the public without barriers. That is a billboard campaign.

Don’t be confused, not all billboards are the same. In fact it is the location and the design of those billboards that gains the most attention. So, why not a talking billboard? Talking billboards can achieve goals of advertising your company’s product by using real people. Television commercials are a thing of the past. Print advertising can do only that, remain in print. But, a talking billboard can do both: reach a large audience and speak for you company’s products.

Keep it real

Most advertisements the public sees work on two basic principles: Shock value, and Sex sells. However, this is not always true. While fancy ads can be provactitive or sensational, real people speak to real people. If the first thing a person sees is an over-made up super model to buy can a cola, their first thought is likely: I am not a super model, why do I want buy their cola? People have caught on to being shocked at unrealistic advertisements. It is the realistic approach that identifies with people’s sense of values.

My point is, you don’t have to apply shock value in order to sell your products. You need to sell your product based on how people use that product. In order to do this, you need the public see people they can understand. The stereotypical, gender biases, and shape- idealation of fit, fabulous, and trendy models does not gain the public’s trust. To gain the public’s trust and make a genuine advertisement make an investment in a regular billboard spokes model, like myself.

Reach Millions at the right place

The whole point of selecting the right advertising campaign is to reach your audience. When using a speaking billboard, the company can choose their location. Just like this model I am speaking on. With some editing tricks, and special design, I have chosen to make this short podcast to resemble a busy New York City street. It is places like this that do reach millions of people. All without the budget of a high priced television, or print publication.

It is location, location, location that sells. With the new technology and use of digital devices, less people are reading magazines and sitting down to watch TV. More people are on the go. Digital speaking billboards are right there, waiting for traffic. Companies can reach all target audiences in one specific ad: the speaking billboard.

Combine your advertising

That’s right, combine your company’s advertising. In using a digital, speaking billboard it is easy to drive traffic directly to your website. Online sales have accumulated for a major part of all product sales in the US. People want to buy from their smart phones on the go. In using a digital speaking billboard, companies can also choose to ad titles that will advertise their web sites.

Get multiple results from using just one ad with just one model. No one likes to be overly advertised. When the public notices constant changes in the design of advertisements form a certain company, trust begins to dwindle. In having that one model speak a simple message or slogan to a wide audience off of a busy city street, trust is being earned. Gain trust, drive business to your website, and address the public with your company’s motto.

Digital speaking billboards are a thing of the future happening now. People want people. Not phony, unreal, revealing super models. People like to talk to other people. People like to listen to other people sharing a message. People will respond to speaking billboards with real people.

On closing I want to remind you of how choosing the right campaign to advertise your company’s product can bring results. You need to keep it real. Use real people, show the real product, and be genuine. Reach millions at the right place. City populations where speaking billboards can be heard, like New York City, have some of the highest population rates in the US. This is where your company needs to be to reach those people. Combine your advertising: In using a spokes model to speak your company’s motto is the perfect idea to input the web address. Get customers to the on line site and do business right away! Speaking billboards are the way to go.


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