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Speaking: Is It A Useful Skill In Business?

Updated on February 5, 2016

Whenever we hear that someone is related to the field of business, we often conjure up images of office work, desk jobs and just sitting in a room signing files or doing computer work. However, a major chunk of these people's time is often involved in socializing, meeting new people and simply talking to several all in the name of the business. It therefore cinema as no surprise when I say that the art of talking is a skill set that is crucial when you are in business. This is why there are several speaking training classes being provided every now and then.

From conferences to presentations and meetings, it is important to know how to approach people and to speak with them in a way that is convincing but at the same time not too pushy. To help you with the art of speaking, we have gathered some pointers that will most certainly prove very useful.

1. Research Thoroughly

Whenever you have to speak on some particular topic, be it at a seminar or even just a small briefing at your office, remember to know the topic inside out. Read up and research thoroughly on the topics you have to speak on because this gives you clarity on how to approach people, how to generate interest and keep it sustained throughout the time you talk. Speaker training also involves this because it is very easy to make out that a person is ill-informed and that is very detrimental to one's reputation and confidence.

2. Be confident

This is one of the reasons why you should research thoroughly. When you know what you are talking about, you will be confident and able to carry yourself well. On the other hand, it is also important to be confident, even when you do not know anything or are unsure as to how you should answer a query. This is because confidence helps you stay calm and composed, something which is crucial to keep your thoughts collected and come up with an answer when put on the spot.
This is a key point taught in Live Speaker Training because in live sessions, one often has a few seconds to think and compose an answer. So confidence is a crucial component when it comes to speaking.

3. Body language

When you talk to someone, at a party or maybe at a conference, would you take them seriously if they stood with shoulders bent forward, hands constantly fumbling with their pen or papers and did not make eye contact? No, right? That is because our body language makes a half of how strong our communication skills are. When you speak to someone, and you stand upright, look them in the eye and keep your hands free to make gestures to emphasize your point, people get impressed and really listen to what you have to say. You automatically come across as a person who really knows what he or she is talking about, someone worth listening to and trusting opinions of. Your body language is what will make people respect you and this is also one of the things that comes to you easily when you are confident. If you are looking to close deals, this is something you should be wary about.

4. Be Loud and Clear

One of the biggest reasons why most people in business do not have a higher customer rating or a vast imbalance between the number of people they talk to and the number of people who actually respond favorably is that more than often we are not able to send our message across properly. There could be several reasons behind this such as unclear articulation, an ill-composed speech or train of thoughts etc. For the former, several speaking training emphasizes and provide training on how one should be crisp and clear in your pronunciation, to speak with proper pauses and gaps and to avoid words tumbling over one another. This is something that usually creeps in when one is not confident or hesitant. For the mismanaged speech or train of thoughts, it is advisable to write down some lines, some phrases that you can learn and use when you speak to others. It gives you fluency and breathes some confidence in you.

5. Practice, practice and practice!

Last but not the least, practice your speech and communication skills daily. You may either try meeting new people, work on ways as to how you should approach them and start a conversation at parties your friends host, at bars or any other place. This will brush up your socialization skills and boost your confidence. Another way is to stand in front of the mirror and practice your presentation or speech, or pretend as though you are talking to a potential customer. It will show you how your posture is and how you should correct it, how you should work on your speaking skills, create some punch lines or jokes etc.

The third way is to make videos when you practice. Review these videos and pick up points where you do not seem up to the par to yourself. Each of these is a great way to provide constructive feedback to one's self.

While these are just a few tips for now, these are some of the most stressed upon and most commonly taught speaking training skills. They form the basis of most of the communication skills you will leave later so begin with these. Take baby steps and make yourself comfortable with the surroundings, approaching people and talking to them. To allow your business to flourish, to gather clients and to generate leads, speaking skills is the most important and go a long way. So begin today and talk your way to success!


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