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Self Specialized Professions

Updated on May 22, 2017

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"change does not come by staying the same; separating from others socially and ecologically is very much necessary to driving new behaviors and intelligences"

Work Unique

Specialized Professions takes a lot of passion and inner discipline in order to be successful: becoming unique in ones own rite brings he or she across the world if necessary to develop ones craft; or people from all over the world to the individual. In 2017 and beyond options are rising as social new media sprouts up and changes the way people see, perceive and communicate. Now that personal computing is in a large percentage of hands there is an infinite amount of information that even learning institutions can't keep up with because of administration ,government, and resources. It is now coming into existence but still not widely accepted that autodidacts and un-supervised learners can bring themselves to a sustainable lifestyle through their own personal interests.

Un-supervised learning, Autodidacts, entrepreneurs and people of the like are critical in establishing new industry and professions. By nature these warriors must drive new intelligences and behaviors in order to stand out making themselves valuable. It is without a doubt that this way of approaching professional work paves the way for the future. This being said it is only the beginning for such persons and lifestyles to exist. In order for it to grow more and more people have to be open to this new form of thinking for it is certainly not of the norm. It takes a whole lot of ideation, theories, trial and error to even get started: therefore seeking profit,returns, and capitol will require a greater deal of patience. However this is not un-common in the creative sectors for these philosophies have existed. The chances one has working in uncharted framework has value within itself: perhaps bring to light things that couldn't have existed without the brave souls who have dared to venture.

With new age media it is possible to get this information to the public to help spread common belief. The more people that venture into professions not commonly known will increase the probability for others to trend into work unique and specialized professions. The internet is new in and of itself and different to the current elder of 2017. For sitting at the computer requires new skills and a different approach to integrity, ambition, and intelligence.

Economically and Energy wise it is difficult in the beginning because of multiple variables and the rapid rate of changing technology and information. As these things continue to evolve and media becomes better organized and accessible people of the working class will look at specialized professions with more potential and respecting those making the decision to chase this field as they respect themselves more as well. Financially this lifestyle approach is difficult so therefore it is best to start early on in life. A few have come from corporate work where individuals have felt unappreciated and stressed; sought self employment in order establish self organization and new methods toward self actualization.

New Approaches & Progress

New education approaches are necessary for the future of disciplinary intelligences. The approach to transformation that students can possibly take is only a matter of proof of progression and approval from educational professionals. New values can be perceived in things that have always existed; with new perspectives comes new perceptions. Others can grow, learn and build off what is established and understood. If there is one there can certainly be two and maybe just maybe the second will get better.

New approaches: a beautiful thing, it grows into new options,can spark new opportunities, may drive new incentives. Logically new approaches has forward direction because it is something that has never been tried before. As the world grows so do we and it is important to not loose sight of a global perspective as individuals. Looking at the business world all that must will be assured if order is known among the chaos.

Working by oneself gives value to technology personal as computing is a special tool in workflow. Technology however cannot replace

Brain Challenge

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Free Learning

There is something unique about every profession, the environments, the network, to the financial decisions that are made. Each profession has different dynamics, goals, missions and industry achievements. Initiation evolves as intuition takes a curios role as a tourist in new territories. Free Learning is of the public, through the internet and libraries one can almost use as compasses to drive intelligence in new directs. This can help others, spread challenges to others and drive the future. Free Learning can improve progress in schools directly applying classroom activity to outside worlds.

Pulling straight from the tree of life does not go unnoticed. Pureness can flourish absolute inspiration through a transfer of complete energy. Curiosity is important however can disrupt an experience professional inside the shop or not. The worth is only what students of their own ambitious selves shows intellectually value to the academic mind. To apply everything participated in schools to subjects of an individuals own will. Using every single tool on the internet because something is so fascinating and interesting; perhaps cause an internet revolution? How could Free Learning be implanted continuously throughout careers. To Think of Industry questions driving life forward; some things never get old. All resources and all intelligence goes toward a direction of ones own choosing.

Classified Professional

The surviving while standing behind the name that is sold: revealing to few clients and makes a pro feel unique in their own rite. This does not mean the average do this and make enough for a sandwich for living goes beyond surviving. If by all means one is payed for their actions and professional mission then they are classified as a professional. Salary in full is then scaled by the different condensed pro social agents.

Evolution Of Specified Work

Specialized work is not of the normal so therefore growth in existing professional environments very well may be changed by specialized work attempts and interactive communication. Throughout history hints and clues can be revealed and drawn to today in relation to very unique individuals. It is almost as if the second wave of the industrial west is here with a new expectation of people/users in a computing universe. However it is important to remember that the internet is only a network of networks and social influence does not go unnoticed.

A change in personal strategies and successes takes a place as professionals and practitioners communicate processes, learning, experiences etc. What is considered successful goes beyond a bank account number and new fields can drive new perspectives. Evolution does not wait on anything and occurs anywhere anytime for any reason. For example it does not matter if it is raining or sunny unless the known specified task is flying a plane or something contingent on the weather. One design changes by style across nations but what if there was always entrepreneur opportunity and niches don't go noticed: receive recognition.


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