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Sponsoring Affiliates

Updated on December 19, 2012

Also Paid Offer Sites And Making Money

Just recently I discovered something very important. While it is important to sponsor affiliates as in the long run the ones who actually work will help you make money down the road, it is far more important to market the product you want to sell yourself. Many people will not give the program a chance when they sign up, they will quickly lose interest and never sell anything. In fact, more than likely within a few days or weeks they will forget they even signed up for an affiliate program or marketing site and fail miserably when it comes to marketing the program/product.

You must market the product you want to sell. You must get people to buy the product. This can be very difficult.

A few short years ago, in the internet's infancy, getting people to sign up for programs and buy products especially those having to do with making money online was not too difficult. I could still kick myself for not getting started sooner than I did.

You see I was one of those people in the early days that lost interest in a product after a few days and moved on to something else without ever giving the program/product a chance to see if I could make any money with it. The second factor that hindered me was the money I had to dump into it to try and make any money from it. So I ended up wasting alot of money on programs that either didn't work or didn't work for me and eventually I'd had enough and realized I was spending too much money and not getting a return on my investment. Basically, I fell prey to the many internet gurus who were peddling wealth in an ebook or program promising if you just followed their examples you would make boat loads of money. After awhile I didn't have the money to keep throwing in into these schemes.

While I can't say they are nothing more than scams because they were actually selling a product they didn't make anyone other than the internet guru himself(the one who created the ebook/program) any money. Many people refer to these types of programs scams. Some people call everything on the internet that promises money a scam. This is simply not true. While many of them will not make very many people if any, any money this doesn't automatically make them scams. A scam is where someone offers something for a price then never delivers anything, not even an ebook. That's a scam. If someone promises a money making ebook but delivers a few recipes thrown into an html document then yes that too is a scam.

The majority of the programs out there are legitimate. The problem is that most of them expect you to copy whatever they are doing to make money which in essence is peddle their ebook to people in hopes they will buy it. If they buy it you make money, if not you make no money it's that simple.

You can't copy what someone elses doing to the letter and expect you will make money from it. It's unrealistic. Many people make money from their blogs. The reason: they get enough traffic where they make money from the google adsense that's enabled on their blog. Some people blog about topics that naturally draw people to want to read it every day sometimes several times a day. For the most part these people don't write about personal stuff they write about topics that people want to hear about such as what's going on in the news other countries, catastrophes, celebrity news, etc. They don't want to read about someone they've never met and never will taking their poodle to the groomer unless that groomer visit is followed with some good, sound advice on caring for a poodles coat and news that's relevant to a dog owner. Otherwise, you can forget getting traffic.

Then some people can blog about relevant topics and still not get any traffic. But take it from me traffic starts slow and grows very slowly. Sometimes it never increases to the level you think it should.

The one thing I like about a blog over writing sites is that you can post some personal notes in the blog without breaking their rules. The thing is to not add too much personal banter, a little is fine especially when it is relevant to whatever topic you are blogging about.

One of the writing sites I like is Hubpages. You are not allowed personal posts but you can write topics of worth and as long as you don't break any of their rules which I'm not sure what all of them are regarding the kinds of things you can write about. I know you can't write about gambling but I don't I don't think you can write about that on most blog sites either. There are rules regarding what you can post when it comes to advertising. You can not post links or banners to paid offers sites. Only recently did I find this out. You can not post links to them on blogger either. As for other blog sites I don't know. You would have to read their terms of service before signing up if you want to post links to paid offers sites.

For the most part these types of sites(paid offer sites) have gained the reputation of being nothing more than scam sites. While it is true many of them will pay you if you sign up for an advertisers offer they often have strict rules regarding payment. Many will not pay you if you don't keep the service after the trial period. They started this to keep people from signing up for the sites then canceling before the 7 days, 30 days, whatever the alloted time happened to be.

So in essence they are really are nothing more than scams. The reason: they will pay you only if you buy something one of their advertisers is peddling. Making money on the internet shouldn't cost you money.

There are programs that about the only way you will make money is if you sign up for some monthly service they are offering but usually(hopefully) the service has some value such as an internet course that teaches you step by step how to run your own business, how to effectively market on the internet and they have new articles and courses every month.

Back to my main point. Sponsoring affiliates is a good thing but don't expect to make money from others efforts and concentrate your efforts there. Put your efforts into selling/marketing the product yourself and go from there. If you make money from others efforts, leveraged income, great. But treat it as a little icing on the cake, not the whole cake and don't rely on it. Market the product yourself.


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    • sassygrrl32 profile image

      sassygrrl32 4 years ago from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

      Thanks for the info...

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 4 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      Join the programs where you truly do not need a downline to succeed. Try to stay away from the brand new programs in Beta. If they are good, they will be around five years from now. And never sell, people hate to be sold to.