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Spotting the signs that you will be loosing your job!

Updated on July 27, 2009

Now I saw the signs

 In the last year, The construction company I worked at went bankcrupt. The telephone company closed down 3 of their call centers, yep, the one I worked at. The last business that hired me, I can not say what type of business, it is not allowed on this web site, yes it is legal and considered entertainment.

The First Hint-Listen And Watch

Be aware of what you hear. I started in January and I already knew by March that my job would be gone. I listened and watched the other employees, the management and their sneaky actions. Other employees outside smoking, like to talk. You can gather quite a bit of information just listening to them talk.

Be Aware

I read a article on hubpages about not trusting the HR Department. The writer is correct. They are not your friends, they are not there to help you. In three months time I already knew that the leader of that company was not the big boss, but the HR Director. All the department managers, other than the new ones hired form the outside, were all in the elite group. They stuck together like glue, and none of their jobs were ever threatened.


These people loved sending memo's. We are doing so well, we have completed our expansion, thank you so much for all your help, we are having a wage freeze, hourly employees are affected. We are sorry that we can not pay for your medical, (memo sent before you ever got to the 3 months to have medical) full time employee's will have to pay a small fee. HR sends a memo, no person can be terminated without my approval. We are decreasing the food in our Employee Dining Room, because we have seen the employee's either waste food or eat twice. (truth is the wasted food was uncooked food, or spoiled food), most of the memo's had reference to the bad economy.

Seeing strange people visiting your office

The office consisted of a main area with one desk, a rear office for the boss, and a side office area for 3 workers, which was a secure area, with a sliding window. Strange people who never introduced themselves were coming in to the office talking about their remodel plans, and knocking down walls. I also heard, because I have good long distance hearing, that my boss was going to share his office with another boss who already had 2 offices elsewhere.

That bit of information told me that I would not be working in that department, or perhaps not there at all. I came to find out, that I was being transfered to another department that was semi-connected to my present area. My co-worker and myself knew that it was going to be a problem because of our inability to stand for 10-12 hours a day.

Never let a Employer know too much about you! They will use it against you!

I knew this from years of experience. I messed up, when the transfer was suggested. I said that I hoped I would not be standing because I was not sure if the muscles from having 2 knee implants would allow me to stand all day. Big Mistake!!!! Most of the team members were not friendly anyway, so I was not worried about talking to them. I knew what was coming.

They were well aware that I had fallen in April. The managers assign me to the hardest standing job they had in the whole place. However first they needed me in a sitting job to fill in for 9 days, then they pulled this trick, a manager that had been just promoted tells me that I should take this other job, I already know that this job will be gone the end of August, so I first said yes, and I then changed it to another job.

The Set Up

The manager already left the department, and I also knew that he was having a fling with one of the girls, and he wanted to protect her job. He sends my present manager email notification that I should not work in 3 of the jobs that his new girlfriend wants for herself. I am told that I can train as a cashier for 1 week with this lady, (I already knew that she is the only employee that gets paid extra to train anyone) and if I do not pass I will be terminated.

I already figured that they would do everything they did, because they have the dislike to terminate, like it will cost them so much money, so they cut hours, cut days, give you jobs that are hard for the person to actually do when injured. I expected all these tactics to be used. So, I used unpaid sick time to try and heal my injury to keep playing with them. I was searching for a new job since March.

They went too far!

The distance I had to travel was far, the gas cost was expensive, the days and hours cut actually cost me to work for them. I knew something was wrong when I was the only person working, and they set it up pretending to help me, and took part of my cash drawer to count. I knew then that I would be missing money. I had a good variance always, I could not believe that they would go that far. That evening $108.25 is missing. Any money over $ 5.00 is the responsibilty of the employee to pay back. Listening is very important, I heard that night about another employee they fired because she could find the missing $ 500.00. I knew this worker, and that was a major red flag to me. This employee made small mistakes, not $ 500.00.

It appeared from earlier conversations that I heard, that the $100.00-$500.00 seemed to be the going rate for set-ups. I thought to myself, I am injured, and in pain, I never had a full time job that caused me to financially go backwards instead of forward, they are going to try to take more money, I was finnished with them. I resigned the next day.

HR Final Memo

 The email said, we have corrected your final paycheck, and the shortage of $108.25 does not have to paid back. How convenient is that? Now I know why this business borders on the land named The Devil's Garden. All the panic attacks, the anxiety, and the pain from the injury once I left has gone. I will pray that I find something else in this bad economy. I will remember that in the bible it states, "vengence is mine saith the Lord".




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  • Rainbow777 profile image

    Dee 8 years ago from Florida

    Thank you for your nice response, I will visit your website.

  • profile image

    Matthew Howland 8 years ago

    That's a terrible story. I am sorry that all that has happened to you and I hope you find another job soon even though it is a tough economy.

    I would love it also if you posted reviews about this company on my website. Others should be forewarned about the working conditions at this place.

    Matt Howland

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