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Stamping Press

Updated on September 14, 2009

Stamping Press

The Importance Of A Stamping Press For Manufacturing

A stamping press is a machine which cuts and shapes various metals by deforming it with a die. The three components of this machine are the press frame, bolster plate, and ram. The bolster plate is stationary while the ram supplies the stroking motion so that the connected stamping die can make parts from the metal being fed through the press. The two main categories of this machine are mechanical presses and hydraulic presses. The difference between them is that mechanical presses use an eccentric drive whereas hydraulic presses use hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic presses have the advantage in constant press stroke but mechanical presses can attain higher cycles per time.

Presses can be single acting or double and occasionally even triple. Nowadays, stamping presses are equipped with electronic programming controls that allow workers to save die parameters and move easily from one job to the next. Another nice feature of modern presses is the automatic lubrication system which makes sure all of the components are lubricated. Furthermore, monitors designed for quality control assure that no materials or time are wasted. This level of efficiency makes stamping presses very lucrative to the many businesses with metalworking needs. Although the initial cost is high, stamping presses have a long life span and will increase productivity, making them an investment which is sure to pay off.

Some businesses that routinely employ stamping presses include: automakers, watch manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, the electronic industry, and the lead frame industry. However, a large majority of businesses require metalworking to make them successful; thus making stamping presses an essential machine.


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