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Staples Advantage Change User Passwords - Edit Someone's Password

Updated on September 16, 2012

Introduction to Updating Login on Staples Advantage

Staples Advantage used to be called Stapleslink. It is the business-to-business version of the Staples stores and Staples on-line.

If you have administrative rights over the Staples Advantage account for your company or if you have a supervisor status you might be able to change, modify and delete users. This article will focus on changing the password of other users (besides yourself)

Step 1 Log In

Go to Staples Advantage / Stapleslink and log into your own account just as if you would any time you log on.

Step 2 My Account

Look to the middle of the screen, somewhat towards the top. You'll see "My Account" If you can't find it, I'd suggest that it is probably a quarter of the way down from the top of the page, just about dead center.

Hover your cursor over "My Account" Don't click on it, just put your cursor over it.

Step 3 - Drop Down Menu

A drop down menu will appear. Look for and click on "Manage Users"

Step 4 - New Screen

This will put you on a new screen. Look for the section titled "Search for User Profile". Then do a last name search for the person who has the password you want to edit.

To do a last name search, basically just enter all or part of the last name of the person in the field called "Last Name" and click the "Go" button.

Step 5 - See The User's Name?

See the users name in the box on the right? Make sure the correct name is highlighted and then click "Modify"

Step 6 - Modify User and Spending Limits

See the section "Modify User and Spending Limits"? Look for the blank password fields. Enter the same password in both fields. I highly suggest that you do not copy and paste the password into both fields. Type it in twice, manually, to make sure that you have the right passwords.

Step 7 - Save the New Password

Click save and the new password is created.

Hopefully now you will be changing Staples Advantage passwords like a pro. Keep in mind, this can only be done by people with the rights to make changes. If you are not seeing the fields I describe above, you probably do not have the security clearance to update another user's password.

You Have The Power

As mentioned, if you were able to make these changes you probably have the right security clearance / rights set up on your account. If you are the administrator of the account, there are numerous other modifications you can make to user profiles. One you might run into from time to time is changing who can approve orders for specific users. Pretty much anytime there are personell changes in your company you'll find that people will need their approver changed.

This is easy to do. I linked the post here. Check it out.

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