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Staples Job Application

Updated on June 12, 2011

Looking for an energetic and fair place of employment? Well Staples might be what you're looking for. The company employs thousands of loyal employees across the nation. Once hired you will perform duties which include assisting employees, working the cash register, and stocking shelves. A few things Staples looks for when hiring employees are good people skills, energetic personalities, and positive attitudes. Requirements to work at the office supplies store are minimal. Entry-level positions do not have any education or experience requirements. If you think you have what it takes, then you should take the next step in submitting a Staples job application.

To start you should check to make sure there is a Staples location within your vicinity. The easiest way to do this is through the Staples location finder which can be found their the company's main website. The locator searches for locations based on you zip code or city. If the search tool does not work for you, consider finding store locations through sites such as Yahoo maps or Google.

Take advantage of the Staples online job application to conveniently and quickly start the employment process. Open your web browser and log on to Once loaded you will see a jobs link in the bottom right hand corner of the page. Select the "search jobs" tab or choose the "Own your own success" tab to learn more about employment with Staples. You will be given the option to choose a Staples job within the parameter of these job categories:

Retail Store Positions

Retail Field Management


Hourly Distribution, Warehouse, Manufacturing & Transportation

Information Technology

All Other Positions

Choose one of these then proceed to the next page where you will enter your city/zip code to view available positions. Agree to the pre-application disclosure form to continue to the Staples application form. Now all you need to do is set up an ID/password, enter your contact information, and fill in all required application fields.

You may be interested in what benefits Staples will offer you. To sum it up, Staples makes available the following benefits: dental, vision, and medical. Some employees may also be eligible for paid vacation, sick pay, and a 401k retirement plan. Also consider employee incentives such as in-store employee discounts.

Learn more about the company either before or soon after you turn in the Staples job application. This is something that many applicants overlook. Learning more about Staples will give you an idea of if you are a good fir for the company. Additionally, it will help during your interview if you can exude a certain sense of knowledge about the company. All the information you need about Staples can be found on the company's website or through a site such as Wikipedia.

Stay positive and persistent and you will be an employee of Staples before you know it. Consider that not all locations will be hiring at the moment you apply. If you find this to be the case, consider putting in a Staples application at another location. Most major cities have at least a few locations for the store. If not, consider applying to a similar store such as Office Max or Office Depot. Good luck on your search for employment.


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