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Start Up Urgent Care Centers, Phase I of IV

Updated on June 12, 2013

Phase I

The first and foremost responsible decision for any physician would be the idea of whether separating the Urgent Care from his/her private practice. For lay folks (non-physicians), the location is most critical. This being said, the first thing should result in an automatic sure win for you as the owner. The location, an area that has high foot traffic is critical. Foot traffic provides you a marketing plan that is untouchable by any other venue. Urgent Care Centers are different from most in marketing for this simple fact that when there is an urgent need for medical assistance, the Internet is not the chosen venue of the question, where do I go? Unlike most other things in today's reality world where we do research, read the reviews, look at our options all provided thanks to the world wide web. But, when there is an urgent need for medical care, we rely solely on our knowledge and memory to get us to that location for help. It more than likely would be the person responsible for driving that would make that decision, and the additional stress of the event can add another whole layer to the transport. I have a story regarding this in what I am talking about exactly. Based on a real life experience, I was a freshman in college, just moved from Monticello, Kentucky to Louisville, Kentucky to attend the University of Louisville's nursing school. It was in the first winter while there, that I went out to the suburbs of Louisville to assist my uncle in the moving of their cast iron fire place insert from the garage to the living room. Winters in Kentucky can be brutal you know, this gives another meaning to brutality. As I was helping my uncle, I was trying to pick up this end of a very heave dead weight unit that resided on a dolly. The moment he and I went to lift it up and place it back down, the weight of this was so disportionate that I dropped my end. As the end went down, so did the razor sharp side of the cast iron stove, which made a perfect incision over my patella and down the front of my leg. With blood gushing out and at the rate of me passing out on and off several times, there was no time but to get me to the nearest Emergency Room. The center was well marked Urgent Care, lights, large signage, and in a shopping center that everyone visited for local groceries. My aunt, uncle and everyone else with us that day, knew where to take me, there was no google search going on that day. Remembering this was the winter of 1988, Google had yet to be born of course.... So, you can see in this example, the location is key not only to saving lives, but to saving your butt in your investment for sure.

Signage is Critical to Urgent Care Success

Phase II

Be sure to read Phase II of IV, the start up of an Urgent Care Center. The short url for the second of four articles is located here.


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    The Compliance Doctor 4 years ago from Los Angeles, California

    Very, Very True. Thank you so much for such positive informational feedback. Have a good day!