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Start a Business Partnering with Amazon

Updated on January 18, 2015
This is your season ! This is your year to MAKE  all of your dreams and desires come true. True REALITY and no more dreams !!! Start your Business NOW !!
This is your season ! This is your year to MAKE all of your dreams and desires come true. True REALITY and no more dreams !!! Start your Business NOW !!

Start a business partnering with Amazon

Most Aspiring Entrepreneurs, do not become prosperous on their own. In most cases, there is someone who has inspired their idea or strategy in them. In case you have a quality product to sell, why not start by standing on the shoulders of people who have succeeded in selling a similar product before.
I am speaking about Amazon. All small to midsize new business owners have encountered the challenge of attracting clients as well as finding an efficient way to trade with those visitors. A lot of small and midsize internet sellers have used affiliate advertising as a scheme to close the gap between themselves and the final consumer.

Amazon also has introduced Drop shipping service that allows sellers to entirely bypass the whole inventory management procedure by shipping goods directly from the manufacturers to end consumers. Online vendors never interact the real product, which then leaves them with more time to concentrate on other business expansion activities; Drop shipping has in fact, become a chief operations scaling strategy for numerous online retailers.Retailing on Amazon is an easy activity of just uploading your pieces into Amazon's system. Then Amazon does take a fee for this facility, it can start as little as.99 cent on product sold and does allow an upgrade into the pro merchant account.

This is because Amazon is truly one of the most easily recognizable and widely used online stores. Amazon asserts that about 6% of web users' universally visit Amazon every month. Amazon is ranked in position 5 in the United States and 15th globally. The average amount time used up on an page is eight minutes that is a lot compared to 1 minute for other stores, and 61% are from the U.S this forms the perfect formula to jump start your business.

Amazon's commercial model is also well structured that they will become a great partner to be with if you are a vendor because they are in a position to help small and mid-sized online retailers reduced the cost of transaction like for instance, dropshipping.

Amazon Prime basically is an "incentive based membership" program. The membership is made up of loyal customers who have previously purchased items whereby their information is the system. The sharing of information between the customer and Amazon allows future purchasing by the customers' quick and easy.

There are some benefits to utilizing Amazon as a channel to sell you goods. Partnering with Amazon is somehow easy, and offers several podiums to make the transition from other online stores easy. As a partner of Amazon, you could feel less worried with Amazon's safe order processing and also the handling every sales and payment.

Have you ever considered starting a business with Amazon?

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    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 

      3 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I became a successful Amazon entrepreneur somewhat by accident (successful = I've sold one book!). With tons of books I need to dispose of, I checked out their seller program, and without really intending to at the beginning, enrolled. Actually, I'm not trying to run a business, but if I were, this would be a great way to go.


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