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Start a Cell Phone Repair Business in 30 Days - Day 6 - Create Your Business Name

Updated on May 8, 2015


By this point, you should have a pretty good understanding of how to repair cell phones. You have all of your tools, all of the required parts and have been practicing on iPhones and Galaxy phones for a while now. It is time to start thinking about your business. The first thing I think about when brainstorming any business idea are business names. The more memorable and catchy the business name, the better it will sell and brand. You don't want a name that is way too long or one that makes no sense. Let's talk about creating a business name for your cell phone repair business and the different types of elements you want to think about before deciding on your final name.

Easy to Say

The last thing you want is to have a business name that is difficult to say, hard to hear or strange to write down. You want to take something basic and add a creative twist to it. Think of big companies like Google, Amazon, Starbucks, etc. Their names are catchy, easy to say, easy to hear in a crowd and so simple you don't even have to write them down! Keep this in mind when coming up with a business name of your own. One rule about small business is that a lot of traffic comes from word of mouth and foot traffic.

See anything strange in there?  I think not.
See anything strange in there? I think not.

Easy to Remember

This kind of piggy backs off the last point. Let's say that you have a customer who stopped by your repair shop because she saw it from the highway. She walks in, receives service and is really happy with her phone. She goes to tell her friend the name of the place and because it was 3 words, 7 syllables long, she has no idea where she went. If she didn't toss her receipt in the garbage by now she might be able to refer to that if you're lucky. The bottom line is that you want to create a business name that is memorable. You aren't shooting for a household name like Star Wars or Wal-mart, but something that at least has a ring to it.

Has an Available Domain Name

This is a pretty big deal. Before you come up with that really awesome, catchy name, make sure to check if a domain name is available. If you aren't familiar with domain names, it's pretty much a website URL. Kind of like, the website you are viewing right now. A website I use for this task is called instant domain search. All you do it type in the name and they will tell you if it is taken, up for auction or being sold by the owner. It will also link to a website like GoDaddy where you can purchase the domain name for really cheap.

That's right. The World Wide Web.
That's right. The World Wide Web.

Tips for Domain Name Choice

There are many dos and don'ts for domain name selection. For example, if you decided on the name Super Awesome Repair Store and the URL is already taken, do not settle for a .co, .biz, .info etc. domain. Also, don't pick a name that ridiculous.

Try to pick a domain name that ends in .com and has a keyword like "repair", "fix" or "phone" in it. This will help search engines find your website and place it accordingly on the search page.

If You Get Stuck, Ask a Friend

I can't tell you how many times I've been stuck trying to come up with a business name. I get obsessed with a single keyword and try to stretch any possible synonym I can find to obtain an available domain name. If you are like me, try reaching out to a friend and tell them what your business is and see what they have to say. They might just have that magical word you've been looking for but couldn't find.


Once you have completed this chapter, you will be well on your way to using your newly acquired skills to start your own business. You will have a really cool business name and all the motivation in the world to get started. Remember to continue to practice fixing phones. It may seem redundant, but the longer you spend away from certain repairs, the more you lose that muscle memory you have worked so hard to acquire. When you are ready, move on to the next chapter.

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    • profile image


      15 months ago

      Where is the rest of the days please?

    • profile image


      16 months ago

      This tutorial is awesome. I spent R2500 in this type course already. But with your tutorial it cost me R20. I Cabot believe it.

    • profile image

      Rafael g 

      20 months ago

      Where are the remaining days 7,8,9 etc?

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      Glad you wrote this. And if people say they are waiting for you to finish before they open their business they are kidding their self about opening a business. ...

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Very helpful and easy to follow steps but we need more. Please add day 7 .

      Thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      Marc Reagan 

      2 years ago

      I have repaired 3 dozen phones and made a few grand. Your insights are very useful and I would love to read more. Its never too late my friend.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      thanks,it is good

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Excellent, but need day 7 and beyond. Please complete the series.

    • profile image

      Alberta mobiles 

      2 years ago

      thanks, its very helpful, although I was thinking to see all 30 days but it ended on day 6. but still it was very useful. Thanks

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      where is the rest of this chapter i was sooo into it !!! grrr !!

    • profile image

      Mjd Kassem 

      3 years ago

      thank you....

      I have a problem,Where the rest of the lessons?

      It's extremely effective follow-up please!

    • profile image

      mjd kassem 

      3 years ago

      thank you alot

    • profile image

      yemane g.her 

      3 years ago

      your step by step tutorial is very helpful!!!


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