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How to start selling Gold Canyon Candles

Updated on January 30, 2016

What a little GC home party set up looks like!


Have you ever wanted to work for yourself?

And get paid to have fun? Well you've stopped at the right hub to find out how you can become a Gold Canyon Fragrance consultant as soon as tonight!

The Gold Canyon business opportunity is an opportunity so flexible and so fun that you are nuts to pass it up! And you aren't just selling candles! We have a whole line of bath and body products, homeology, car fresheners, room sprays etc... This opportunity is so fun that you can't call it a J-O-B!

The Gold Canyon experience will allow you to start a business that suits YOUR individual lifestyle!

And I'm going to take this hub and show you how!

How to effectively use your Gold Canyon Catalog at a home party

How do you sell Gold Canyon?

Gold Canyon products practically sell themselves! Our teams of consultants host in home parties with friends and family members, online parties, catalog parties, on your own personal website (which you get free for your first 90 days) through fundraisers and much more! The possibilities are endless with Gold Canyon.

You can also build your own team of consultants....but we will get to that in a minute!

Christine Corey shares her GC story with you

Four simple ways to earn money with Gold Canyon

Everyone who joins our Gold Canyon team joins for their own personal reasons. Whether you want to take a trip with the family and have some extra spending money, you may want some personal girl time or what ever the case may be....The awesome thing about becoming a Gold Canyon consultant is that you are the one in control of how much or how little you make. Weather it be purely for fun, something part time, or you want to stop and make a career out of it! I'm going to show you the 4 simple ways that you can earn with Gold Canyon!

  1. Commission! Of course you get paid to have fun! And who wouldn't enjoy a business like that? You earn 25% base pay commission on your sales! And of course the more you sell the more commission you can make! The Gold Canyon company will also reward you with additional income and gifts as you support and train a growing team!
  2. Who doesn't like the idea of having "Bonus Commissions"? You'd be crazy not to! Earning as much as 2%-11% on your monthly sales volume! For example: Say you have a few parties and your sales volume is $1,200 or more you can earn an extra 5% commission that month! That is a total of 30% commission for little work!
  3. Team override commissions-As you start your career with Gold Canyon and start having others sign up under you to start their own fragrance career's you can monopolize on that as well! You can earn up to 5% of the sales volume of your own team! And when your team members start sponsoring their own teams you can earn on them as well. And so on and so on...You can earn on everyone in your down-line, infinitely deep!
  4. And lastly - Team Advancement Bonuses! When your down-line starts growing and they achieve leadership titles you can be rewarded with cash bonuses from as little as $50 to as much as $250!

2012 Annual Achiever's Trip to Maya Riviera

Get rewards and be recognized for your efforts!

How often do you truly get the recognition you so richly deserve? If ever? Well Gold Canyon's recognition program definitely shines the spotlight on their consultants that go above and beyond!

What are you rewarded with? Good question, because I'm going to tell you!

Do you like jewelry? Luxurious trips? or just a special acknowledgement of for your dedication to the business? Well Gold Canyon does all these things and more for their newbies and seasoned consultants!

Gold Canyon truly recognizes the importance of fun! Gold Canyon hosts a convention every year for consultants around the world. And it is truly an amazing time! When you go to a convention hosted by Gold Canyon you are stepping into a family reunion with family you didn't know you had! Our Gold Canyon consultants leave with more than a good time! They leave with more knowledge, training, tools and resources than they know what to do with! All while making new friends and lasting memories!

Do you love to travel? Well so do the good folks at Gold Canyon! And you can be rewarded with trips to tropical beaches, European landmarks and resorts, all for doing what you love!

Sound to good to be true? Yea I bet you are thinking it! But it truly isn't! That's the great thing about Gold Canyon! I will post videos of Gold Canyon consultants and their stories just so you know I'm not pulling your chain!

Wondering what the kit will look like?

Your business builder kit!
Your business builder kit! | Source

Are you ready to get started on your own career path?

Well if you are buckle up and enjoy the ride! I'm here to help you get started for as little as $20 today!

What does $20 get you? Oh let me fill you in!

When you sign up now for as little as $20 you get the Business Builder kit! You want to know what comes in that kit? Oh boy! Everything you need to get started with Gold Canyon and so much more!

Our Business Builder kit includes:

Your marketing tool kit - Included is all the promotional materials you will need to market your Gold Canyon business! Your career plan guide books, Getting started guides, order forms, catalogs, 100 mini catalog pamphlets and so much more to market yourself!

Fragrance sampler sets. That way when you do a home party you can take all the smelly goodness with you! These are truly your most powerful sales tool!

Basic Party Product Display - Basic products for "show and tell". Along with a Gold Canyon designer tote bag! You also get your first "host" candle to give to your first party host as a thank you gift!

Premium Party Product Display - Gold Canyon isn't finished with you yet, not only do you get all the stuff mentioned above, but you get the best selling candles they have as well to proudly display in your own home or take along to parties!

Flameless Premium Party Product Display - You also get the best of the best in the flameless department as well! From a scent pod warmer to wax remover!

This Business Builder kit definitely has it all and then some! The retail value alone is $385! And you can start your business today with as little as $20! Sell $700 in you first 30 days and it's free!

Just visit my website today at and sign up! What are you waiting for? This is the opportunity of a lifetime! Any questions at all and you can comment below or email me directly at! I can't wait for you to take a step in the right direction and become a member of the Gold Canyon family with me!


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    • MazioCreate profile image

      MazioCreate 6 years ago from Brisbane Queensland Australia

      GQGIRL you have certaily outlined the way to join and develop your Gold Canyon business. Just an edit point, you may want to change "weather" to "whether" in paragraph 3. An interesting hub. Voted up!