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Starting Affiliate Marketing By Hemal

Updated on September 27, 2009
My First Check!
My First Check!

Starting Affiliate Marketing - How I Make Money From Home!

So aside from my other ventures, I am starting affiliate marketing! I mean I have already started some programs, but its only been about a month or two since I actually started to learn about what it is, and what I need to do.

I want to be a profitable affiliate marketing expert, so I can share my stories with you and show you the steps on making money with affiliate marketing. I got my first check a little while back, and I was so excited! I took a picture of the check while I was in the car, right after I checked my mail! Its only a little over a hundred dollars, but its a start!

My affiliate marketing venture is under way, and my goals are set very high! I am currently using several different affiliate marketing programs.

Commission Junction or Clickbank
Commission Junction or Clickbank

What is the best affiliate program

Ive used several affiliate programs from Azoogle, Clickbank, Commission Junction, and several others.

One thing I recommend is to use several affiliate programs when your ready to begin, only because some campaigns might give higher returns on certain campaigns.

I like commission junction for the most part because they tend to give me the highest return per action than any other program I have used. I also like their variety of campaigns you can choose from. They are definitely one of the biggest affiliate marketing companies on the net, and have paid out hundreds of millions to their affiliate marketers. One thing about commission junction is that you have to apply for a certain campaign with a company before you can start making money. They have certain criteria that you must pass in order to work with them.

Another company that I highly recommend is clickbank. They have also paid out millions to affiliate marketers and have a variety of programs to choose form. One HUGE difference I noticed with the 2 companies is that...

  • Commission Junction campaigns are usually by huge corporate companies like GoDaddy or HostGator, etc..
  • Clickbank, on the other hand, has campaigns that are created by much smaller companies, and can even be used by individuals.

Clickbank is swarmed with e-books and software that are created by individuals or small companies that want you to help push their products or services. If you are a good writer, and are very knowledgeable in a certain field, then I would suggest you learn how to write a very strong e-book and market it on clickbank!

That is the big difference between the 2 companies, and that is exactly why I would suggest using both to make money online. They can be used for 2 different areas of your affiliate marketing projects.

In the end, I found it easier and quicker to make money from Commission Junction, simply because they have reputable companies that you can use, whereas Clickbank has very small companies and individuals who want to market their products or services.

Choose both, and be sure to send in your progress by posting a comment below! I hope this hub page article has helped you understand the difference between the 2 companies!


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