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Starting a Cleaning Service Business- What is needed?

Updated on January 29, 2012

Starting a Cleaning Service Business-What is needed?

Want to start your own cleaning business?

You can start your own cleaning business in several ways. Consider carefully which way to go. Consider few questions to make the right decision that will get you on the right tract and stay with it to be successful with your venture.

What do I need to get it started?

Do some research. If you know anyone who is in the business, ask them for some suggestions. If you want to get a business name and register with Department of Commerce. Get a business card made. Get a GE Tax License (for State of Hawaii), other States- check to find out what you need to do. Get a business phone or your cell phone number will do. Get a flyer made for your service to distribute to promote your business. Open a business checking account (optional). Wait until you get a customer first and see if you need to get Liability Insurance for your business. Go to local janitorial supply company and see what they can to for you when you start the cleaning business.

You don't want spend any large money to start? You can start small and slowly expand your business. You only need basic tools and cleaning solution to start with residential cleaning. You may add commercial business cleaning later as your business grows. Residential cleaning usually does not require insurance, certification, etc. to start your business. Window cleaning business does not require insurance or certification to start, if you clean windows for small businesses.

You can start part time and keep your full time work. It requires very little funds to start. Basic tools and cleaning solutions are all you need to get you going.

To get you own customers, spread the word around that now your are doing part time cleaning business and ask if anyone could use your service. Make a brochure and do some personal canvassing when you have some extra time. Stop by the well to do neighbors and drop off brochures at their doors. (Make sure to note: " Free Estimates") This avenue will take you a long time to get you enough customers to keep you busy. * See " How to grow your business" section to get more ideas at our website.

You do not like to canvas and you just want to get in the business? Call around the other smaller size cleaning contractors in the phone book and let them know that you just started a small janitorial service company and you are willing to work with them as a sub contractor. (You might need a liability insurance for your company to do this). Let them know, what you can do and what you cannot do.

As you are new in the business, you might not be able to do many of the services that they might require that you do. Just ask the manager and see, if something can be worked out.

Do you have $10,000.- or more to get started in cleaning service? Consider working as a franchise owner of a janitorial service provider. You would need at least $10,000.- or more to get you started with most of the nationally known franchise companies. They will provide you with some accounts based on your initial investment and you can buy more accounts as your business grows and are willing to take on more accounts. They will also provide you with basic training and some of other special services that you might have to perform for your customers. They will also take care of insurance needs and some basic cleaning tools and equipment based on your initial investment. If you don't want to look for your own customers and have the funds to invest, this is another option to consider. Check out all the details as much as you can, talk to people who are already doing it to see, how they like it and find out if it is something that you really want to do for many years. This route needs your commitment, because of your large investment. You can not simply quit when you want to and expect to recoup the money invested. So, consider your steps carefully, before investing.

You have some funds and want to get your own commercial business accounts? You will need some basic training and knowledge of how to clean. First make a decision as to what you will specialize in. Commercial business cleaning? Residential cleaning? Carpet cleaning? Window cleaning for small businesses? Commercial building window cleaning? Tile and grout cleaning? Parking lot cleaning? Stone cleaning specialist? Air duct cleaning? Flood and water damage restoration? Mildew cleaning specialist? Pressure washer cleaning? For some fields, certification is required.

Once you have decided, learn as much as you can about the field. Do some investigation as to what is involved in getting into the field.

Talk to the local distributors and find out what you can learn from them, if you get into the field and what kind of support and training you can get. Some business might require a pick up truck or a van. Find out how much funds you will need to start the business. Find out how long will it take to establish your business- it will depend on your efforts. Once you have decided, you will need commitment to stay with the business, watch it grow and become successful at it. See also at Main Menu section- " How to grow your business" " How to get a customer and keep them for long time"

Note: Most of cleaning business involves working at night after business hours, exception of residential cleaning, window cleaning and some others might be able to do during the day time hours. Are you willing to work mostly at night? Get more ideas and assistance? Small Business Assistant (SBA)

For more information and get the proper help you need in starting a cleaning service business, please visit:


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