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Green Gazelles Must Not Forget the Monkey

Updated on January 4, 2013

Don't Forget the Monkey

Have fun be playful and enjoy what you do.
Have fun be playful and enjoy what you do.

I think by now we all realize that the explosion of organic and eco-friendly products more than just a passing fad. It's big business. This means big opportunities for environmentally minded entrepreneurs. Those that grasp the nettle are thriving. There is a lot of help ot there now for what Government economists are terming 'Green Gazelles'.

The organic industry grew by 21% to reach $17.7 billion in consumer sales in 2006 according to the The Organic Trade Association's Manufacture Survey. Over the last decade organic sales have increase by an average of 20%, and this rate is expected to remain steady over the next 20 years.

Successful green businesses not only benefit the environment, but also use green business practices as a means to market their products.

Find Your Niche niche marketing as in all start-ups is vital. As the natural, organic lifestyle continues to catch on with consumers new opportunities for niche products and services occur. Products such as food, cosmetics and cleaning supplies are growing areas within the organic trade, however, to be successful, you should look for opportunities that match your interests.

Find Your Passion this will enable you to unleash your potential. To be passionate about something is to be effortlessly, irrepressibly, enthusiastic. Green issues are worthwhile, have a positive impact and attract intelligent and caring people. This make maintaining ones enthusiasm easier giving you a bigger chance of ultimate success.

Practice What You Preach. The most successful green businesses don't just sell the green lifestyle. They live it. Selling green means being green, and this helps build your brand and image as a socially responsible company.

Here are some 'Green Gazelles'.

  • ThinkHost, Inc. is a debt-free, privately owned USA based progressive company providing quality web site hosting services powered by 100% renewable energy to a global market. ThinkHost, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Vladislav Davidzon, an experienced technical professional and peace advocate.
  • KTM Industries (Lansing, Michigan) produces Green Cell, a biodegradable engineered foam that is used to cushion and insulate products during shipping. Green Cell products provide an ecological alternative to synthetic foams such as polyethylene and polystyrene without sacrificing performance.
  • NaturaLawn of America, a small business located in Frederick, Maryland, is the nation's first organic-based lawn care franchise service. NaturaLawn's system consists of an exclusive organic-based fertilization program used in conjunction with a specially designed Integrated Pest Management program.
  • Squatters Pub is a brewery and bar in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their comprehensive and integrated approach - reducing both water and energy use and using biodiesel fuel for their vans - pays off not only in increased sales and profits, but increased community esteem as well. Clearly, they are experts at green marketing too.
  • The Alternative Energy Store of Hudson, MA, a provider of renewable energy products worldwide (solar, wind and micro-hydro resources), has served more than 25,000 renewable energy customers in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. The company was recently named as one of Inc. 500's Fastest Growing Private Companies for 2006.
  • T/J Technologies (Ann Arbor, Michigan) is a small research company that develops environmentally friendly materials for electrochemical storage devices such as ultracapacitors, lithium ion batteries and fuel cells. T/J Technologies' materials and devices deliver more energy with less weight in smaller packages and are made of environmentally benign materials.
  • Zipcar is North America's largest car sharing service. The company currently operates nearly 2,000 vehicles in 12 states and provinces, including metropolitan New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Toronto and Washington, DC.

Third Party Certification Lends Cudos

Apparently the food good too, but Michelin Stars might put more food on the owners table N'est pas?
Apparently the food good too, but Michelin Stars might put more food on the owners table N'est pas?


In branding your product or service it is very important to label it as environmentally sound. Unless you are an acknowledged expert in your cosen field you may want to obtain certification from an independent, third-party. This lends you credibilty and you can include their logo or "ecolabel" on your product's label and other promotional materials. Ecolabeling is an important way to market your product to green consumers.

Here are some links to third party certification resourses.

  • Green Seal sets product standards and awards its label to a wide variety of product
  • Green-e Energy is the nation's leading voluntary certification program for renewable energy.

Internet Business - How Green is the Valley?

Many people consider internet business to be as green as it comes. With paperless transactions internet service industries certainly don't have that much of an impact. The only fly in the ointment would seem to be all the electricity required to run the network. The servers, your computer, my computer, etc. One webhosting company has decided to make the whole green idea to another level with wind-power and recycled vegetable oil fueled generators. Is that cool or cool? So if you would like to take advantage of the kind of green branding this can give your internet business. Use this code THINKHOST20 and you will receive $20 off your first bill. Try ThinkHost Today.

ThinkHost would like to offer you a $20 discount on their plans!

Some of the features:

- 100 gigabytes server space! - 1000 gigabytes bandwidth!

- Unlimited MySQL - Host unlimited sites!

- FTP access - File manager

- SSH - Microsoft FrontPage extensions

- Unlimited mailboxes, forwarders - Unlimited autoresponders

- Webmail - PHP 5 + Perl 5

- WML & Ruby on Rails support - FastCGI support

- Python support - Full .htaccess capabilities

  • Free software, templates and tools!
  • Free email filtering
  • Dedicated, caring support team
  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Multi-stage backups & generator
  • 24/7 server monitoring
  • 100% uptime guarantee!
  • Powered by wind & solar energy!
  • A tree planted on your behalf!

  • 28 day money back guarantee!

Plus a stack more goodies including a bonus pack valued at over $400!.

What do I need for this offer?

This coupon code which is entered on the secure package signup form : THD20


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      C E Clark 5 years ago from North Texas

      The good green ideas here for people wanting to go into business. Voting you up and useful!

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