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Starting a Website

Updated on March 4, 2016

First step. Domain Name

Having a domain name is the first step to achieving success for your business website. A domain name usually gives your business a professional look and is a major selling point. In fact, you will realize that your business will only be taken seriously when your email communication it tied to your domain. Domain names are handy in helping you project an air of professionalism that can in turn help you land significant contracts or deals.

Ultimately, regardless of your line of business, always ensure that your domain name is memorable and short. In addition, how you design your website must stand out to be able to drive traffic to your website and reach all the potential business partners.

How to buy Your Domain

At Colourmarks, we are a leading website maker that understands the complexity of coming up with a proper domain name hence have developed a few steps that you can follow to easily buy your domain name. Simply go to our domain names page and follow the prompts before delving into website building.

Here are some quick and easy stepson how to buy a domain name:

  • Use a check availability tool to see if your preferred domain name is available or has already been taken up by another business. You can use the tool to filter domain names that are popular as well as those that are available in Europe or globally. The tool for checking domain availability is a great starting point in your search for your name.
  • Suggest a domain name. The domain suggestion tool is designed to provide you with a variety of alternative names if your preferred name is not available. The suggestions will be based on the popularity of keywords, relevance of the words, and domain extension among other things.
  • If you still are not able to find a suitable domain name, you can opt to go for premium domain name. Premium domain names are easy to buy like normal domains. Even then, they cost a little more than the normal domain and you are highly likely to find the domain name that you want.

Second step. Building & Hosting your Website.

Once you have identified and bought a domain name, you will now need a website hosting plan that will work well for you. That is, take the success of your business in your own hands. This is not permanent thus you can always change it whenever need arises.

If you do not have the resources to have your website done by professional web designers, you can take advantage of a website builder to design your own website for your business. Here are some easy steps to build a website using a website builder:

  • Drag and drop - Website builders do not require any coding or any other technical knowledge. All you need to do is drag and drop various elements on the canvas. Ultimately, you have control over the overall outlook of your website.
  • Once you have dragged the elements into your ideal position, you can begin editing the website carefully changing the colors, fonts as well as images. This does not require any CSS or HTML files.
  • You can contact the customer support team of web builder company and they will help you get started.
  • Using a Website builder to make your own website can be fun and rewarding.

If you are looking for a web designer in London to build your website then we at can do that for you.


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