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Starting an internet business online – Building My Team

Updated on January 31, 2011

Backbone of The Business

After I started doing getting regular business (clients) from I wanted to improve my business by building a team.. Even if I earn sufficient money working alone. That is not a big business, for a good business you always need a team. So building the best team to work with, that is the backbone of your business.

Building a Business Team

I tried interacting in Digitalpoint forum and collected a list of writers. You may ask what is the profit, if you can write all the articles and earn money then which you need a team of writers? They would probably be your competitor’s right!

TeamMates Are Not Competitors

No , if you collect a team of five writers writing in various topics, like you write computer related articles well and you have a partner in your team who writes dog training articles well , then he is your teammate not your competitor.

An Increase In Profit

This is what exactly I did to build my team , I sent private messages to content providers in digital point forums that I want 20 articles to be written for 1 usd each and I used to charge 3 usd per article in so 2 dollars autopilot profit per article without any additional work.

Giving yourself a Brand Name

So act like buyers first, then build your relationship and be a team in the long term. This will help your business grow to the next step.

Now that my team building is over, I can create a account with a fancy username say prowritersco and establish myself as a company taking content writing projects with a big team.

Branding - a Secret To Successful Bidding

I bet that your winning rate will increase and you will get more orders for content writing services at this stage.

All the best.


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    • NoelGalera profile image

      NoelGalera 6 years ago

      Need to know more increasing my profit. Thank you!!!