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Starting an internet business online - Introduction

Updated on January 31, 2011

Let us start the planning

In this article I am going to discuss with you the steps to good internet business, when ever I talk about e-business the only thing I talk about it the most is les financial need, there are a lot of internet business opportunities which are zero investment plans.

starting your first online business

Be we all know when we start a business, we need some basic things , an office, a brand name, a list of employees and have to find some clients Right.  All these steps can be done in internet for free, that is , without any out of pocket costs. I think it sounds interesting to you. Let me proceed by giving you more detail

Why do you have an office?

The answer is it is a location whaere you discuss wityh your employees and clients and do your work to build your business and reach your business goal. This can be done through the internet from your home sitting in your favorite chair.

There are various websites to help you in various tasks I am going to discuss about those websites in detail in this series of articles.

Of course yes, you need money to develop your internet business but you can start with absolutely nothing in your hands. I started my online business just the same way so it is not just another story, it is my experience.

Let me tell you about the free websites I used to to build my business

1. ( I used a premier account which is totally free but has all the important features of merchant account like accepting credit card etc)

2. ( for finding employees on project basis and long term)

3. digitalpoint forum (for saelling my products and services)

4. for selling domains and website

free business adfvice

Please don’t think that I am going to talk about some Guru Business plan , this is just what I did to get success  - and I am giving you the whole method for free.

All the Best


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