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Starting an internet business online – Paypal

Updated on January 31, 2011

Most Important Part Of Business

When it comes to starting an internet business online, first thing which comes in to our minds is accepting payments, because without a neat plan to accept payments there is no use of building a business online. when I started my business , I had the same issue. I was a teenager when I started my business I didn’t even have a credit card so I needed a nice way to send and receive payment without the need of a credit card or bank account.

Payment Processor widely used

All the above requirements alone will not satisfy the purpose, the system must also be widely used.  Then I started reading about online payment processors and the one I found which was widely used was PayPal. PayPal was completely free so I signed up for a premier account ,with a premier account you can do all the fancy stuff a business account can do to some extent , that too free of charge so I liked the offer very much.

Problem with Unverified Paypal Account

I am able to accept credit Cards and PayPal payment, to be honest; I started my business with an unverified PayPal account because I didn’t have a bank account or a credit card so getting the foreign clients to pay an unverified account was very hard. So if you have money please verify your PayPal account as soon as you create it. 

Go and signup to and then I will tell you what I did to get my first job online.

All the Best


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