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Starting an internet business online – Taking your business to the big level.

Updated on January 31, 2011

First Investment in Business

Now that you have all requirements satisfied for a good business, A good payment processor, A clients list, A team, regular orders. In this stage of business you will be getting regular income so now what?  Lets take the business to the next level by taking a lot of orders and outsourcing them for cheap in bulk. I know what you are thinking now “But this step is similar to the last step” not at all , because last step was to build a team but now we are outsourcing our projects , team is long term business network with best qualified persons. Outsourcing is not like that; it’s like taking temporary employees for a particular project and keeps them if they are valuable.

Workers or not Team Mates

This is for testing and tweaking,    you will not be sharing yearly profits with your employees (outsourced persons) but you will be sharing it with your team. We do this because; team works on profit share on monthly basis and not daily payments

Scaling Up Business

Now that you learned the art of outsourcing you can take lot of projects and work in the same time and you will start earning hands free money. You will only have to concentrate on marketing. That is what big businesses do. So you are one amongst them now.


Thank you for reading this series, hope you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll be taking action following the strategies mentioned in this series.

All the best


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