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Starting a Successful Restaurant Business with No Money

Updated on August 28, 2014

Be different! Make your restaurant unique

Due to the local proximity of all the restaurants nearby, it is quite likely most of the ingredients come from the same main supplier. Therefore, the only way we can differentiate ourselves is by hiring better quality chefs and also to offer the warmest customer service because nearby restaurants may have a similar dish.

The restaurant industry is very competitive and customer preferences also change with trends. We keep up with trends and offer healthy alternatives to some of our dishes which has seen good sales.

We are located near a university, therefore we market towards the younger diners where it feels modern and fun. Our daytime customers, being teenagers, expect an energetic place to eat and meet with friends. However for dinner, it becomes a more family orientated restaurant for parents to take the family for dinner after work.

You should always maintain a good relationship with our ingredient suppliers. This way you can know when there are problems with the ingredients such as a product recall with packaged seasoning, where we instantly stopped using them until we the problem is solved.

There are often unforseen roadblocks along the way, but if you remain true to the restaurant business by only making food from high quality ingredients and only if you have the license to sell. For example, we temporarily paused our liquor license and therefore did not sell any alcohol during this period.


Examples of how we stood out and became successful

Tailored dishes

On our menu, we advertise the ability for our diners to alter the dishes to their liking. For example, if they do not like a certain ingredient or they are looking for a low carb dish then we can remove the bread or rice.

Delivery to nearby areas

Most of the nearby restaurants are all dine in, whereas we are the exception where we provide delivery.

Multiple languages available to cater to anyone

Being near a university, there is a diverse range of customers and often english is not enough. Our staff caters to many different cultures by having different staff that can speak many languages.

A personal guarantee to our customers

We provide a money back guarantee if the food is not satisfactory because we are confident our food is the best. Also, if the food is cold after it arrives for a delivery, we will refund the money.

Great customer service that leaves a good memory

We have a dedicated staff who greets new diners and opens the door for them and directs them to their seats to make them feel welcomed.


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