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State Farm Insurance Quote

Updated on November 9, 2011

Personal Experience State Farm Insurnace Quotes

If you want an insurance quote from State Farm you can take the time and fill out their tedious online survey and give them all your information, but you will still just be referred to an agent in the end. I used State Farm for a number of years and was never displeased with my Agents service, but I changed to another company because State Farms prices were higher than I wanted to pay for the benefits I was insuring. I found this out when my Agent retired and I was referred to a new Agent and just didn’t like the guy so I began shopping around.

So in my case State Farm was a good company, but more expensive than I could justify and I didn’t care for the way they handled the switch to a new agent when mine retired. I switched to another company and Agent that I was referred to by a family member.

It’s good to check rates, and it’s good to know the company you are dealing with has a solid financial footing and can take care of you in the event of a problem. If you are considering State Farm then try using their State Farm Insurance Agent referral to find an agent near you and go talk to them directly.

Insurance is not just a business of numbers, it’s a people business. You matter and if your Agent doesn’t think so they you need to find a new one. Taking the time to get to know your insurance agent and develop a personal relationship will actually save you money. Nearly every time my insurance comes due I give my agent a call to make sure what I am being billed matches the coverage I need for my cars. The last time I called I was able to trim an additional $40 off my bill by changing the amount of miles I drive (Which is not very many) to a lower number.

State Farm is a good company, and I can recommend them and online quotes are good for checking prices, but I sure wouldn’t buy a policy from a company with whom I did not have a personal agent.

One Big Advantage to Using A Mutual Insurance Company like State Farm

A Mutual insurance company is an insurance company which has no shareholders but instead is owned entirely by its policyholders: this ownership either extends to all its policyholders or is restricted to certain classes of policyholders. Their ownership rights typically include voting rights, for instance in the election of the board of directors and on any proposal to demutualise. In a mutual insurance company, any distributed surplus funds is paid entirely to policyholders, whereas in a proprietary company (one with shareholders) a proportion of the surplus (typically 10%) is paid to shareholders, in exchange for the capital that they provide to support the business.

If premiums collected exceed payouts and expense there is a good chance you’ll get a rebate. I received a couple of them actually. They are usually small, but it’s better than nothing. And Mutual Insurance companies seem (At least on the Surface) to be better managed and have less outrageous corporate compensation.

You won’t pay more to use a company that has quality agents and you’ll get the service you deserve should you ever need to file a claim.

State Farm Mutal Insurance Company

You know the jingle "Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is there"
You know the jingle "Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is there"


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