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Staunch Energy: On the Move

Updated on April 5, 2009

An Introduction

For those of you who haven’t read my other articles or hubs, let me give you a little bit of background.  A couples years back, I was laid off from a rather lucrative technical support job.  Yeah, most people don’t make that much money doing it, but when you’re working 6o to 80 hours a week and side jobs on top of that, the money isn’t all that bad.

Unfortunately, in the current economy it was hard to find a new job.  I looked far and wide, but nothing came through.  I wasn’t even getting a hit on resumes.  I knew not finding a job had nothing to do necessarily with the quality of my resumes.  After all, I had written several for people who were laid off at the same time I was, and had to sit back and watch as they were hired by places that never even offered me an interview.

I had to find a new plan.  Money was drying up.  While I made good money, I was not very good at saving it.  I had a family to support.  I took a look at my life and the things I had done throughout the years—professionally.  I decided to fall back on what I knew.  I got into call centers and technical support, because I was good at communicating with others.  In particular, I was good at writing.  I had worked for a newspaper, wrote college essays, tutored English and writing skills, short stories, poems, training manuals for anything from sales and marketing to telecommunications, and more.  Somehow, over the years, I had stepped away from this.  Maybe I should return.

My First Break

I was (and still am) rather talented at finding things online.  Now, whether those things were actually something I wanted to find or not is a different story.  I scoured the Internet, trying to find a way to put any of my diverse assembly of skills to use.  It took me a full day to find something.

I read a lot of blogs, reviews, and articles, visited countless sites, and even watched a few YouTube videos.  I came across a site called oDesk during this time and landed my first job that day.  It was a writing gig.  At the same time, I was trying to rebuild a lost portfolio and hit up sites like HubPages, Associated Content, and Squidoo.  I was, more or less, in business.

Easy? Not So Much.

During these past few years, I worked with a startling number of companies and individuals.  I have worked on everything from business and sales to proposals to contracts and informational articles.  I was paid by affiliate marketers, web design firms, tutoring services, and so many more.  It was an awesome time, because as I worked for these other people, I was still working for myself.  I set my own hours, learned a lot of new skills, and got paid what I wanted to get paid.

Now, this wasn’t exactly easy.  I had a lot of hats to wear.  In the beginning—and, even now—setting my own hours might mean working for two days straight to get a project out the door on time.  I miss out on a number of opportunities, because buyers don’t always have the same idea I do when it comes to what a job is worth.  But, every day, I still get to wake up and learn.  That—and keeping my family financial afloat—is what makes it all worth it for me.

Finding Staunch Energy

Now, as I was saying, I’ve come across all sorts of businesses working in the market I do now.  It’s possible you’ve come across the informational articles, eBooks, and other things I have written.  It’s also a very good chance you’ll never know I wrote them, because they have someone else’s name plastered across them.  That’s okay.  They paid for the privilege.  It turns out I’m pretty good at this writing stuff after all.

Well, it’s been awhile now, and I’ve seen some ideas flourish and other die before they made it out the door.  I am a guy who likes to learn, and likes to share what I’ve learned with others.  That’s why I’m writing this article.  I just thought I’d give you a little taste of where I am coming from before I got to the center of it all: Staunch.

I started working with this company awhile back.  I have watched its latest release take shape, and I am now watching it come to life.  Staunch Energy is a new brand, hitting the market far and wide over the next few weeks.  I thought I’d write this article to give you an understanding of who and what they are.  You’re going to see a lot of posts, social marketing, and other tricks to try and get you fired up over this new opportunity.  I’ll let you in on a secret, though.

A lot of these Staunch Energy articles, YouTube videos, and other things you’ll see on the web lack just about everything.  They are poorly done, with little quality and less work.  I could easy do a copy and paste of the company’s internal documents and share them with the world.  Why not?  That’s what these other guys have done with Staunch so far.  I’m not going to do that.  Staunch deserves better and so do you.

What I Hate

First of all, let me explain a few things I hate.  I hate advertising.  Yes, it’s the world I work in, but there’s more to it than that.  I see a pop-up banner, and it doesn’t register….immediate click to close and a good chance I’m moving on to another site.  The television plays a commercial, and I’m headed to the fridge.  In fact, I am blind to most advertising.  The side bar links on a website, banners all over the place and I just fail to see them.  I know a lot of people have trained themselves to be blind this way, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Now, a good advertisement might be an article that is actually going to teach me something.  Of course, I’m a rare bean, enjoying reading on the web and all.  I also like the previews at the movie theater, because they tell me a story.

I also hate MLM.  So many of their advertisements are annoying.  I am searching for some information on the Internet—because, in my field, I have to do a lot of research—find a good looking link and click on it.  Next thing I know, some used car salesman with a plastic grin is staring me in the face.  The page is downright ugly with about a million ways to buy whatever crap product they’re pushing at the moment.  I’ve been one of those poor souls locked in a room by AmWay and Quixtar.  I’ve watched people lose a lot of many through these scams.

Staunch is Different

Staunch is different.  I have to let people know about this, because the product is a good solid product.  That’s the only kind I support.  If you look in my closet, you won’t find a single Nike, Mossimo, or Calvin Klein.  Why?  I don’t pay for labels.  I pay for good, solid products that serve their purpose.  I can find the same quality and better than these high-priced brands for much less money, because I could care less whose bane us scrawled across the tag.

Staunch has brought out two products over the past few years that beg to be looked at.  First on the chopping block is a new energy drink.  This energy drink by Staunch is different than the rest out there.  It doesn’t overload your system with caffeine.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have any caffeine, because it does.  The caffeine in Staunch comes from a green tea extract making it a natural, more healthy, less addictive and harmful form of caffeine than what we’re used to in popular drinks such as AMP, Red Bull, Monster, or so many other energy drink brands.

Staunch energy drinks also contains a rich blend of vitamins B62, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12. The B group of vitamins are known for speeding up metabolism, which gives us more energy.  Some other drinks, like Red Bull, also have B3 (niacin), B6, B12 or some combination thereof.  I haven’t come across one yet that has the amount of B vitamins that you can find in the Staunch energy drink.

Staunch Energy & the Amazing Acai Berry

 Aside from the Staunch energy drink also containing a healthy amount of amino acids and ginseng, it also contains the wonderful acai berry.  Look on the web, and there’s a good chance this ( is the first link you’ll find through a search engine.  Dig a little more and you’ll see that their facts are presented on a variety of other domains, including college and medical websites.  Acai has been shown to boost energy and enhance wellness through a variety of measures.  If you watch Oprah, you’ll know that an entire show was dedicated to healthy ways to boost your wellness and Dr. Nicholas Perricone said this is the way of the future—one of the most nutritious foods available today.

Funny Commericla

Funny Staunch Commercial

I also love this little advert I saw the other day.  It’s the first one I’ve seen since the Super Bowl that made me laugh.

Why amI I Sharing About Staunch Energy?

Why am I telling your all this?  There are a few reasons.  First of all, I am part of the Staunch energy family.  If they do well, I do well.  However, the more important reason is, if I didn’t, I’d be doing a disservice to all of you.  Staunch energy has poured millions upon millions into the research and development of the Staunch Energy drinks and energy strips.  They wanted a product that fit its name.  With unwavering principle, they have delivered a healthy energy drink to our door.  I watch people guzzle down the other brands and build up their resistance to caffeine, needing more and more cans to get the same edge, essentially throwing money down the drain.  Worse, they’re actually paying to hurt themselves.  Now, I’m not into all that S&M stuff, never really understood it really.  But, if you like paying for pain, you should stop reading, and I apologize for wasting your time.

Now, for the rest of you, who like those energy drinks.  Or, for those of you who would like an energy drink, but don’t want to get hooked on an ultimately harmful product, this is for you.  Staunch energy is delivering you a berry tasting, healthy alternative to the rest.

Staunch Energy Strips

Remember I said they were launching two great products?  So far I’ve only told you about one: the Staunch Energy Drink.  What about item number 2?  This one is even more beautiful an idea than the first.  Staunch energy strips.  No, these aren’t something for your computer to keep the juice going complete with surge protection.  Instead, these are based off the same technology as the Listerne breath strips of Colgate whitening strips.  You put a small plastic strip into your mouth, and it dissolves, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed directly into your blood stream.

Energy Strips Informative Video

You can watch this video for more information.

Engery Strip Technology

Staunch Energy: New & Improved

Now, we’re getting somewhere.  These things have the same effect as an energy drink when you take one or two of them.  Of course, it really depends on your own personal body chemistry, but that’s about the amount and effectiveness of the ingredients.

They are great, because they allow you to get the pep you need while you’re on the go.  Don’t worry about spilling a drink in your car or trying to balance your bike while riding in a marathon.  Instead, simply put the strip between your cheek and gums, letting your saliva do the work.  What about fresh breath, though.  No worries, Staunch energy strips do that too.  You don’t need a need two strips—one for energy and one for breath—this way.  They leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed with a cool minty flavor.

Better yet, Staunch has kept with their whole idea to the brand rather than selling out.  Remember, they want their products to match their name.  Staunch energy strips are made from healthy ingeredients as well.

Staunch Energy Strips are Healthy

Start off with a nice boost from vitamins B6 and B12.  These are again metabolism enhancing vitamins that help your body operate at higher levels.  Staunch energy strips step away from green tea and get their natural caffeine from green coffee extract.  Green coffee extract really is an amazing idea.  You can read more about it here.

Staunch energy strips have no shortness on innovation, as they combine a number of other items into the product for you.  How about ginkgo biloba, an herb known for enhancing mood and energy?  It’s got it.  Want to read more about it?  Try here.  Ginseng is used once more in the production of Staunch Energy strips.  Ginseng has been used for generations to give people energy that lasts.  I found this interesting article on Ginseng.

Staunch Energy: Drinks vs. Strips

Are you excited yet?  Probably not.  I mean, I’ve told you about some great new products that you may have never heard of before, but I haven’t really done anything to motivate you yet.  Well, there’s a reason for that.

Staunch is an Australian brand.  I’m not saying anything bad about Staunch Energy or Australia for that matter.  The problem is: Staunch energy drinks are currently only available in Australia.  The net is widening, but it will take time.  Since this is on the web, this might indeed be read by Australians.  So, if you are in Australia, go ahead and grab yourself a can and drop me a line after.  I’d love to hear your reflections on the drink and know you’ve read my article.

Staunch Energy strips are an entirely different beast.  These things are being released worldwide.  They’re doing it a bit differently at Staunch this time, though.  Staunch energy is offering individuals a chance to get in on the action.  Imagine if you could’ve grabbed a piece of Monster before anyone knew what it was.  Now, you get your second chance.  Staunch energy strips are going to be the next big thing.  There really is no question about it.

Staunch Energy Business: An Original

You can sign up on their website and begin selling their product immediately.  You don’t even have to sell it.  You can let them sell it for you.  Pending on your level of commitment,  you can purchase stock and sell it yourself, or you can purchase their stock and get paid when it sells.  The entire process is an entirely original approach to MLM.  Remember I said I hate MLM?  I still do, but what Staunch Energy has done is so new and different, I hate to even call it that.  You might also remember I said you can find some of their internal documents, explaining how the product works around the web?  Try some of these links:

Staunch Business Video

And don’t forget this video that goes over how the MLM side works.

Staunch Energy Proposal

Look, I like small businesses.  They’re my bread and butter.  I love products that work well.  I like new and innovative products.  That’s why I’m here, writing this today.  I’m not here to make a bunch of money.  There are people involved that are out there doing that right now with Staunch Energy.  They want you to get in on the business side.  I am looking at the consumer side.  This is something you need to know about.  You need to know Staunch Energy is providing you a healthy alternative to energy drinks and energy strips.

I hope this has helped keep you informed.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.  I also hope you will go online and check Staunch Energy out.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting more about it, but you can also read some of my other informative pieces on Staunch energy with the links I put below.


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