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Ending With a Purr

Updated on August 6, 2010

Petless in Alaska

Animal Care and Control Centers

Just because I can't own a pet at this point in my life... doesn't mean I have to be pet less. There are ways to satisfy your own needs, and those of a domestic animal, by volunteering at a center like this. Most cities and towns have one or more such locations.

People Can Be Plain Stupid

No.... this isn't kissy and slobbery. This sweetie pie is just putting her nose up to my face. Chanel is a two year old Lynx Point domestic mix. Herein lies the problem with adoption... she's a domestic mix not a purebred. This sweet, smart, cat is more than likely doomed simply because she's a regular cat. The sad truth is; Most people want purebreds and/or kittens.

Therefore I have to conclude that people (not animals) are just plain stupid. If you're in the market for a pet... at least take a look at these older animals. Of course you don't want to adopt an eleven year old dog. . . because it's going to die soon. But cats can easily live between sixteen to twenty years. So why do you need a kitten? Somebody is going to have to slowly explain this purebred hype to me. You will have to speak slowly, enunciate clearly, reason to the best of your ability... and I'm still going to bite my tongue while thinking, "STUPID, STUPID, STUPID PEOPLE!


Here's another great cat. Cowboy is a neutered black and white male DOMESTIC. Ah. . . there's that fatal word again... and I do mean fatal. Are you beginning to get the picture? People get a kitten, pet it, cuddle it, and then give it up when it reaches adulthood.

comment... purr meister
comment... purr meister

Heard This One Before?

The pregnancy excuse is one of the most common..."My wife is pregnant... we have no choice."

Closer to the Truth

In the meantime... dedicated volunteers keep trying to alleviate the problem by donating their time and energies. Bridget, resident of Anchorage, is one such person. Each week she volunteers for two to three hours.  She pets, grooms, cleans, hugs, and talks to the cats.

Thank goodness for these dedicated volunteers.

Dry, Warm and Fed

In Bridget's own words, "At least they are dry, warm, and well-fed." In Anchorage, Alaska that's nothing to be taken for granted.

If you're in a position (like I am) where owning a pet is impossible, don't rule out becoming a volunteer. And maybe someday... hopefully someday... people will get some brains and stop all this purebred hype. Volunteer at your local shelter if you can't own. Thanks Bridget... and Good luck to all the Cowboys. Maybe there's a chance this story can end with a purr.


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    • coynea profile image

      coynea 7 years ago

      Oh! I love that word mut! Thanks Mentalist.

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      Never owned a purebred. Muts are more sincere and amiable,humble and gentle...thats a scientific observation!;)