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Get Motivated at Work, Tips, Tactics, What to Avoid, What to Do and Try

Updated on November 20, 2016
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John uses research skills (Ph D) & 30 years as CEO, manager to develop reviews for time management, productivity, staff relations, business

Even the most dedicated and engaged employees occasionally feel their motivation waning and need to find a way to regain their zing and drive. Loss of motivation could be caused by the job, the staff, management or simply your own boredom or lack of enthusiasm.

Motivation is important for enhancing your chances of promotion, your well being and getting self-satisfaction from work. You spend a third of your day working so why be unhappy and miserable?

Highly motivated employees are more energetic, happier, more enthusiastic, more fun to work with, more productive, better engaged and get rewarded for their better performance and higher productivity. Motivated employees tend to enliven teams in which they work.

This article discusses the things you can do to stay motivated at work, and how to get motivated again, if your enthusiasm and job satisfaction wanes.


Clarify your Goals and Develop a Plan and Schedule

Nothing kills motivation more than working wily-nilly without having a plan, a set of objectives, a clear vision, and a schedule and time-frame. If you are spending a lot of time on unimportant things rather than on tasks to meet targets are goals you will quickly become unmotivated. You will feel more engaged if you get more organised, and know what you have to do and when it is required by.

Develop a clear plan for achieving your goals and a way of monitoring progress

Once you have mapped out your vision and goals, develop a detailed plan and schedule for achieving your goals. Developing a set of interim targets, and ways of monitoring and tracking your progress, are also important for keeping you motivated. Subdivide large projects into a series of smaller sub-tasks that are achievable and interesting.This keeps you see whether you are on track and gives you the opportunity to reward yourself for success. Having a set of sensible milestones, requiring interesting tasks and a set of measurable outcomes will keep you engaged and in control of your work to meet deadlines.

When you Succeed in Completing a Stage - Reward Yourself

Success is very good for your motivation. One success rewarded builds confidence and willingness to tackle the next task and so on. With a clear vision and tasks set out in a well developed plan with milestones on the way it is easier to keep motivated. The mini-rewards are important. Also reward creativity, innovation and perseverance, not just completing the tasks on time. Success and rewards breed more success.

Keep Everything in the Right Context and Perspective

It is important to keep your job and your role in the organization in the right perspective. Remind yourself regularly about why you work and what you like about your job. Its not just the pay, it's realizing your potential, taking on challenges, working as part of a team and achieving your objectives and work outcomes. If you start to lose perspective, write down on a list the reasons you entered the field in the first place. This helps to reset your sights and to put the job in the correct context. Also look forward to your career path and the steps needed to get promotions.

Maintain a Healthy Balance between Work and Your Other Life Priorities

If you focus too much on work you get stressed and can't relax properly. This cancer feeds on itself and you get fed up that work takes up too much of your time. It so easy to get sucked in by not having balanced priorities. Maintaining a healthy and fulfilling work/life balance is vital for maintaining your motivation at work, your health, your relationships and overall well being. As before it is all about having a plan a schedule and sticking to it. Don't break your family commitments even if you are behind at work. See the break as a way of relaxing and clearing your mind so that you will be most productive. Switch off your mobile phone and don't think about work when you are at home. You need to maintain an equal, well balanced and independent, motivation for work, family life and play.

Think Positive and Focus on the Big Picture

Avoid focusing on the small things and problems as they can build negative feelings that can eat away at your motivation. Focus on the positives by keeping a list of your successes and 'wins' no matter how small they are. For every negative thought always have a positive counter-point. Focus on your relationships with staff, how you are delivering long term outcomes, your vacation plans and your efforts at self-improvement.

Re-organize Your Day so that You do the Big and more Important Things First

Don't fall into the trap of procrastinating and postponing the hard things and the things you don't want to do to later and later in the day. These things you know you have to do will bear down on you and will clutter your thinking.Instead clean them off your to do list by doing them first thing or whenever you work best. This will help maintain your motivation.

Don't Get Involved in Office Chatter and Character Assassinations of Your Fellow Staff or the Boss

This can drain your enthusiasm especially when you are not involved and can do very little to change things.

Positive Motivational Quotes About Work

Quotes can help lift your spirits

© 2012 Dr. John Anderson


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