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Staying focused in "Toxic" work places

Updated on October 13, 2015

Is it a fact that most people spend 80% of their day in the workplace. That's more time spent with people you barley know; over your family/loved ones, traveling and pets. It's no wonder that when things start going wrong in the workplace it effects a person directly. Most office environments are filled with many different personality traits, and most people get along for the most part. But when people don't get along, there's almost a reason! There are many reasons people do not get along in workplaces, but I'm only going to focus on a few.

"Toxic talk" - People who love to talk about others to others; who like talking about others.

"Toxic actions"- People who take advantage of office rules and protocol.

"Toxic crowds"- People who survive in the workplace with a group of people of one or more persons.

These (3) key areas mentioned above are the main culprits of what can cause a toxic workplace. We have to be careful to not find ourselves in toxic situations, like the ones aforementioned; and keep in mind that staying focused does not have to end in a us leaving our jobs. If people didn't need their jobs, they wouldn't be there, right? It is important that we remember why we are working in the first place. Are we there to keep our bills paid? (House, car, students loans, etc.) Are we there for an internship? Are we there to make a living or career? Although it is important to know why you are working, it is also important to remember why we were hired in the first place. We are all hired to do a job!

Doing our job is the main reason we are hired. And when we focus on the what we were hired for, things are placed into perspective. One of the first things we can do to stay focused is to Stay Motivated. Staying motivated can be tough when toxic situations surround us in the workplace, but it keeps you upbeat and focused when you stay innovative. Motivation from within helps the people around you remember the why the wanted to work at a particular company to begin with. When a person is motivated, it's contagious! It breeds other motivators, and the environment around them stays positive.

The second thing we can do to stay focused is to Stay Calm. Now this sounds pretty crazy right? Not really, when you look deeper into what the toxic situations mentioned above can potentially cause, if not avoided. Toxic situations can cause anger, discomfort, and separation amongst co-workers. When we feel like maybe we should have been promoted instead of someone else, or maybe so-and-so did this or did that; that way of thinking does not keep us calm. If we stay calm, we can make wiser decisions and possibly challenge peoples thought processes in positive ways outweighing the negative.

The last thing we can do to stay focused in a toxic workplace is to Keep your opportunities open. Jobs are meant to be filled, and filled with people who know the job well. Sometimes toxic situations arise, because people have outgrown their job responsibilities and have become bored. It's important to remember the job you were hired for and evaluate yourself from time to time. Remember why you searched for a job position in the first place. Ask yourself important questions, like Does this position still challenge me?, Can I really do this long term?, Is it time to move to another department?, etc. This will allow you to stay focused on the things that are important to you and others around you.

Remember to always strive to do better in any situation. This will ultimately continue to give you a positive outlook, and keep your mind clear. Enjoy your life and wish you much more continued success!


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