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Step Away From Your Desk

Updated on August 10, 2012

Lets explore place you have not been before. Like places outside of your home office and your work space.

Put away the electronics!

Go for a walk and experience something new today. Listen to the birds chirp in the distance and watch all of God's creatures roam the world like you do not exist. Take off the head phones, turn off your cell phone, and just experience the outdoors.

Pick a spot any spot and watch. Squirrels will gather nuts and steal fruit from your favorite fruit tree. Lizards will hunt small bugs. Dogs will stop by and do their duty in your lawn. Wait! Don't chase the dog off just yet. Let him get away with it just for today.

Do some small simple stretches. Go for a jog. Work some muscles in your body. Everyone around you knows how hard you work. At your desk, skipping meals, working your brain to the very last cell. Stop for a moment. Turn off the brain and work the legs. Take a walk, your body needs it.

Its time to concentrate on the health of your body. The work will be there in a few moments when you get back.

Every day we should take some time and just let our bodies do the work. Let the eyes take a break, let the brain stop thinking, and just relax. There is still a world around you. Take some “me” time to yourself each day and explore what is around you. Burn a few calories. Let everyone see you are still in there, before it is to late.

You may think your family will be around forever but the butterflies will fly away, pets become old and brittle, and you, your brothers and sisters, even your spouse will age and go beyond to the greater life. Enjoy that time. Take some time for everyone to see you, to see your not that person drugged on work.

After some time away from work you may see improvement not just in yourself but in relationships and in work as well. Let the stress melt away you deserve happiness in your life as well.


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