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Steps Businesses Need to Follow to Create an Online Presence W

Updated on May 8, 2014

The advancement of the internet technology as well as the world wide -web has resulted in a dynamic shift regarding the way businesses operate for effective competition in the market place. Modern technology and the World Wide Web have made it easy for organizations, both large and small, to seek clients on a global perspective. Establishment of the web presence has turned out to be a crucial factor for a consistent growth and development for many businesses. However, many companies find it a challenge in transitioning to the world of e-commerce (Alter, 2009). An effective penetration in the world of e-commerce has necessitated a formulation of an efficient solid internet marketing strategy.

Website Optimization

Prior to venturing into any online marketing activities, a business firm need to fully optimize its website for search engines. A fully optimized and quality website will show up in search engines. This will make it easier for customers to find the company online. Various techniques that can be used for website optimization include use of MetaTags, Title Tags and Headings. In particular, a title tag provides significant information to search engines concerning what the web page contains. Meta Tags on the other hand, are information, which are inserted into the head element of an html page. There work is to assist search engines in webpage indexing by offering details about the purpose of the website. Finally, heading tags provides a structure within a specific web page (Basu, and Muylle, 2007).

Web Marketing

After completing an optimization of the company web for search engines, the business entity can now ready itself for web marketing and promotional activities. Web marketing in simple terms is marketing a website on the web in creating a strong online presence. This activity is essential in attracting visitors to the website. Web marketing activities may include URL Submission, where the company’s website is indexed faster with the main search engines if the URL is submitted to them, and inclusion of links to related websites. Other promotional activities also include presenting Articles, newsletters, and Press Releases (Baron, and Shaw, 2009).

Web Sites and Host

A website is one of the essential tool businesses need in order to establish an online presence. This will also need a website building skills or someone with knowledge and skills to build such a website. If there are no personnel within the company who can perform such a function, then such services may be outsourced. A web host refers to a particular place on the internet where website files are stored. A web host manages all the software and hardware in ensuring that the website is up-to-date and operating (Baron, and Shaw, 2009).

After selecting a web host, the company can then put together the website. The most common tool used for this purpose is wordPress. WordPress is a tool that is installed in the web host. If the company does not understand how to use WordPress or related tool, then it would be necessary to hire a WordPress consultant to assist them in this course.

Social Networks

Presently, social networks are rampart in the web. More are also coming up on a consistent basis. A business will need to venture into social networks as a means of establishing a web presence. Flickr and YouTube can be used as platforms for displaying photos and videos. On the other hand, Twitter and Facebook will facilitate conversations with potential clients or likeminded individuals. These will need skills of using and managing social networks to ensure that the relations and communications through these platforms are professional (Basu, and Muylle, 2007).

There is a need for personnel to operate these social networks in order to create an effective online presence. These personnel will be responsible for commenting on blogs, which appear interesting. Searching for people on social media who happen to have similar interests and leaving comments among other things.


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