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Steps To Become A Good Leader

Updated on June 10, 2012

If you want to become a good leader, you should work hard for it. This applies regardless if you are the head of a certain office in a big company or simply a classroom president. The overall performance of your group greatly depends on your ability to lead them so it’s important that you persevere. In most cases members vote as to who will lead them. Nonetheless, there are some situations were a random member is nominated as the head of a group despite his inexperience about leadership. This situation could lead to a disaster. If you are facing such kind of dilemma, here are a couple of simple steps that can help you be an effective leader in no time.

Reach out to each Member

This is the most crucial step so you must spend more time and exert a whole lot of effort in reaching out to each member of the group. Most of them will gladly share their thoughts and feelings yet there will always be a few that are passive. There are various reasons why they don’t want to cooperate. Some are not impressed with your leadership skills while others have some are very busy dealing with their personal issues. As a leader, you must be sensitive enough to know what is bothering them. Personally talk to them if possible. The conversation should be light and you must never make them feel below you. Start building a good relationship as it will greatly benefit the whole group and you’ll eventually observe how a good bond between you and each of the group’s members will improve the overall performance of the group.

Come up with Short-term and Long-term Group Goals

Goal-setting is a must in any kind of activity. As a leader you should help your members decide about their respective short and long-term goals. Moreover, the group’s goal should be clear to all members as well. Short-term goals in particular are very important as they will prevent the group from going astray on their efforts to accomplish numerous tasks. Remember to keep them reachable to avoid frustrations. Successfully finishing a certain job every now and then will definitely boost the morale of every member.

Lead through Example

There is no better way to lead than through actions. Words will let them know what needs to be done. Nevertheless, your actions can show them how a certain task should be carried out. Most members will simply react on how their leader’s actions. If their leader is punctual, they will definitely work hard to be on their workplace early as well.

Positively Accept Criticism

You can’t please everybody. In the group, you’ll definitely find someone who won’t agree to most of your decisions and try to ruin your plans. His intentions in doing so are not important. Nevertheless, the overall performance of the group is compromised if you can’t handle him well. It’s a must that you treat every criticism positively. Maybe there is something wrong about you that only he observed. Check yourself and how you manage your members. If you look at the situation on the other side, you’ll eventually see that criticism will lead to self-improvement.

Improve your Leadership Skills

There are several ways for you to improve your leadership skills. Attending leadership seminars is a good idea. Reading books and articles about leadership is also a great way for you to deeply understand what it takes to become an effective leader. I know such kind of endeavor requires a lot of time and hard work. However, all your hard work will surely pay off in the end as you’ll gain more knowledge on how to lead your group towards success.


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