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Steps to Becoming an Independent Sales Rep

Updated on April 20, 2013

Steps to Becoming an Independent Sales Rep

 Steps to Becoming an Independent Sales Rep
Steps to Becoming an Independent Sales Rep | Source

Steps to Becoming an Independent Sales Rep

Are you ready for a challenge and a new occupation? Then here are a few steps to becoming an independent sales rep. Venture out into commission land and reap the rewards of ownership. You will work for yourself and clients will pay you for a job well done for your efforts. Maybe you have a product or image already in place to go. If not, we will discuss what you can move and what is valuable. No additional discipline is needed, you will need to be aggressive on your quest. Financial freedom is what you seek from becoming an independent sales rep. A new year and a self-starter this position will require. Previous sales experience is not needed, yet powerful motivation and ready to take a few unwanted answers from clients will be part of this new occupation. If you believe in your product, or image then you can move the plan. Negative persons should not enter this field. The pressure would be too much. We will discuss a few hypothetical situations that can get you into an independent sales rep position, and make money.

The steps needed are essential and straightforward that will be explained. There is, however, legal consultation you need to seek when starting your own business in sales as with other self- employed companies. Do your research and you will be driven to move.

The economy is difficult as it has been for the last few years and starting out with a notion that companies want and demand is crucial to your continued endeavor. You will find out from reading this article a few ideas to promote, and the rest is up to your own imagination.

Becoming an Independent Sales Rep

Steps to Becoming an Independent Sales Rep

Nothing is too far out to sale. We all remember the “Pet Rocks” that were sold and made the character a few million dollars from his idea. Was he laughed at? Probably in the beginning until he started seeing the checks come in from merchants. There is nothing that can prevent a person from being independent and selling his own plan to the world. The only person that will make it in this game and profit is a business-like approach with legal representation to support your product. The recommendation of legal advice comes in because there are patents to some products you may want to know. Being sued, is not what you want in your type of business. Upfront money will be needed depending on what you are going to sell to your clients. Contracts will be an obligation to be sure that you stay with the laws in certain states and abide by federal laws that could offer you in the wrong place. Here are a few steps in completing your task.

The first idea to making it as a sales rep on your own is that their needs to be a reason for a company to use your service. If you can increase sales, create a company profit margin, and penetrate new markets. Your service will be highly advantageous to a corporation. This should be your main goal at first.

Whether or not you need a legal contract with a company that you provide sales, will have to be the next intention to overcome. Attorney fees are high, and this must be on your mind in the very beginning of your self-owned business. Possibly you could hire on as an independent sales rep with a large organization and survive on their payroll. This would be optimal for your bottom line. This is a blessing to you and would reduce the red tape with having to hire an attorney. You might investigate this idea on the Internet.

Companies that do not want to have a strong sales team look for independent sales representatives. They are exceptionally beneficial to them because of the low overhead cost. You will not receive benefits, or share in any stock options with most corporations. This is based on whom you decide to work for or not doing this type of marketing. In the start up of sales this may be the ultimate result in your new career with less stress. You can always stop and move onto another direction, and this is valuable experience for anyone.

Networking for business is a must if going to make a living as a sale rep. Contacts you may have are an option in getting your name out into the marketplace. You are a walking billboard and need to show a confident, saleable demeanor when approaching any sales type job.

Some independent ideas to market could include insurance, University programs for students, and the largest market is software sales for computing firms. This is an extremely high demand for sales of software and technical information for individual small companies.

Disciplined and being able to stay on a small commission, based, business income must be realized before undertaking any type of sales rep job as an independent. Being reliable and getting your goods to your customer on time will give you high figures in commissions.

Appearance, and how you present yourself is most beneficial to the rest of these steps to be a career in sales. A positive and knowledgeable person that relies on his own inclination will succeed in the job. Persistence is the name of the professional who markets their campaign. No tolerance for slacking off can be accepted. You are the one, people will commit to purchase their product introduced into the strategy of securing accounts.

Fact is that women make excellent independent sales reps. They are usually supremely confident, and if appealing can close a sale simply based on the sex that she is. This is unfortunate, yet proven true in studies performed by economist and psychologist.

You can make it as the best rep in the country with a lot of enthusiasm and plenty of hard work. Being a successful salesman that can keep up with technology is one approach one may need. If selling your own product you will have several obstacles that will come toward you and quick action to make decisions and honesty is productive. Independent sales reps need to know the good and bad of the position your undertaking, and be strong when told no we are not interested on a daily basis. It can be done by those who have a talent for speaking with upper management and closing sales. This, being a rewarding occupation for a person would be the best job for certain intelligent people. The harder that you work and stick with your program the more rewarding it could be for anyone with dedication to their job.

Christopher F. Hyer 04/20/2013


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