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The Best Steps to become a successful Team leader..

Updated on June 13, 2011

To succeed in any area there should be team spirit among the team members. Maintaining the team spirit among team members is the duty of a team leader. By encouraging the team members, by giving them a good backup when ever required, instructing them from time to time and by monitoring the progress a team leader plays a critical role.

It takes a lot to overcome the pressure & stay positive actually a team leader in this situation requires team member’s support.It is in every team leader mind to build a successful teaming for him self.

And a team which has a positive spirit will always yield positive results. A good team helps to understand each other, have a foresight and even in work it will stand in first place.


Everything is fine but how to carry the team we have towards success?

follow these steps to do that

Awareness is important……

Team leader should ensure such that each and every member of the team is aware of the goals of the team. Organizational mission and vision should be clear to the members. They should envision the importance of employees to an organization and its growth.

Willingness to work among the employees should be known. Find out whether they will utilize the opportunity given to them? whether they give importance to personal interests and individuals goals only? , whether theirs skills will be helpful for the team success? , will they try to understand their limits and responsibilities and act accordingly? is there any one who tries to take a leave for silly reasons ?, monitor all these things and you will have a good idea about your team. Explain the importance to your team members. Then only you can lead your team towards success.

Keep the spirit by encourage them…

A good team leader keeps on encouraging the team members and
maintaining the spirit among them. There will be various problems to be faced
by team members in terms of meeting requirements as specified by the customers,
work area stress and personal works etc.

Always listen patiently to the problems of the team members.
Do not discourage them saying “We don’t have any time to discuss.” Understand
whether the problem really exists or the employees have created themselves one.
Show them a way to solve their problems and boost them. As a team leader you should ensure that minor issues do not drag excessive attention.

Organize time to time meetings…

To ensure the team members are together make them to do some refreshing exercises. Conduct review sessions ask their weekly progress and monthly progress. Encourage them to share ideas on how to do project in a better way? How can you improve further?.
Discuss on How to over come flaws? At this point of time we can identify how creative these employees are. To earn a reputation near the boss they start giving good suggestions, as a team leader you should utilize this opportunity.

What ever might come in discussion? But the team leader should ensure that everything is relevant to project.

Share your success and Enjoy….

The appreciation you get from the customer saying “The project is well done.” You should share it with all the team members even the success might be a smaller one share it with all the team members. It actually buds a new enthusiasm among the members helps to forget their stress and will build good relations among the members.Team leader should take responsibility and make sure such that employees are recognized for their contribution for the success and should be rewarded.

Team leader should full fill the gap between the Boss and the employees. Then only you will have an approval from the members helps you earn their full support and finally you will stand as a successful leader.

I dont know why?. But my mind some how strongly insisted me to share this video on this page...

Listen carefull to the words in the video, they carry a lot of meaning.


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    • moiz17 profile image


      6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

      I think sharing success with the team is pretty important. Some team leaders completely forget about sharing a client's appraising comments which can obviously demoralize the team. Great hub. Voted up!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Bharath.Adupa: What a compact, informative, useful summary of the critical ways in which a leader can be effective in team building! It always comes down to an open-door policy in regard to exchanges of opinions and sentiments as well as of progress and results.

      Thank you for sharing, voted up, etc.,



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