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How To Make A Bazillon Dollars In Sales - Guaranteed

Updated on December 31, 2012

Selling Is Outdated - Sharing Is The New Way To Sell

In today's world it seems the only other professionals disliked as much as politicians are salespeople. Now I'm not talking about all salespeople, just the kind that are only interested in making a sale regardless of whether it's what the customer really wants or not. We've all experienced them either on the telephone or in person and they're all the same. They don't listen, they don't want to spend any real time getting to know you and they certainly don't care if what they sell you is really going to work or satisfy your needs. They're fast talking, pushy, arrogant and oftentimes rude. They begin and end their sentences with "I" and they only show concern and interest until you buy, then it's "bye bye" and don't bother me, especially if you want to return or exchange your purchase. These kind of salespeople have no credibility. Most of the time they never used the product they're selling and only know about it from the training tapes they were required to watch. They "sell" the product from a script making it sound like they truly understand the features and benefits of their product, but they really don't. These kind of salespeople do and will always get the "I'm just looking" response from the customer, because the customer senses by their demeanor and lack of sincerity and credibility that they don't want to be bothered. The sad part of all this is that the salesperson doesn't understand why they don't make the sale and if they do why the customer doesn't come back.

As a professional sales executive for a number of years I have come to the conclusion that this kind of selling is as outdated as loud polyester. Sorry if I offended anyone, I'm sure there are still some nice, subdued polyesters out there somewhere. The selling approach for the twenty-first century isn't selling at all, it's SHARING. Sharing is the natural, effortless exchange of genuine information between two people about something they're both interested in and know about. It's an interaction in which both parties feel listened to and respected. As human beings we have been sharing since we were born and do it everyday without effort.


The critical difference between selling and sharing is credibility. When you share, you share an experience that you've actually had. A restaurant you actually ate at and liked or disliked, a movie you actually saw and have an opinion about, a store you actually shopped at and know the product they sell and the service they give and a product or service you actually have or used and are able to give feedback on. Without having used or experienced the product or service you are only basing your feedback on opinion and not use. When most salespeople sell that's what they're doing, just giving information they were told to say or heard and not actually experienced for themselves. The perfect example of sharing is movie reviews. Before a movie opens the trailer is what peeks your interest. If the trailer looks good, and most of the time they're the best scenes of the movie, you go. After actually seeing the movie it's your actual experience that you pass along to others that either makes people want to go see it or stay away from it. That good or bad experience shared with others will make or break whatever business or service talked about. It is the true definition of "word of mouth". The most interesting aspect of all this is that every time we share an experience, whether we realize it or not, we are in fact selling. As we honestly talk about a product, service or experience that we've had with someone else, we are implanting a credible point of view into the mind of the listener and influencing their decision to have or not to have the same experience. Sharing is the natural, honest way of selling and it started with use and true understanding.

Since we've been sharing and unconsciously selling since we were born, it's doesn't have to be taught, it just has to be realized and used. Great salespeople don't talk people into things, they share credible information and allow the other person to make the decision for themselves. In the final analysis, if we stop selling and start sharing, the outcome is guaranteed, you will make the sale and it will be a mutually beneficial and appreciated experience. And once the other person takes advantage of the information shared, they will develop a trust that will lead them back to you on a regular basis. Sharing isn't the only way to make a sale, it's just the best way and the way to make a bazillion dollars - guaranteed.


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