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Stop Working, Start Living

Updated on March 16, 2011


Stop working, start living is a great book for anyone since she was able to retire by 36 on a little more than minimum wage income.  A very good blueprint to follow on retiring early.


Stop working, start living by Dianne Nahirny is a book on retiring by 36. The book talks about how she retire by 36 on not much above minimum wage income and how she was able to make smart decision with her finances.

If your looking for an inspirational read with straight results than this is the book for you. Unlike many early retirement books, the author does not do many unconventional things other than save her money and invest properly.

Anyone no matter there income can retire early as she did using this information as your guide. A very entertaining book on retiring early.


 Retiring early is now a possibility since anyone including the author can accomplish this feat on minimum wage.


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